The following prices are intended as a guide only. It is not possible to quote an exact price without an examination, as the scope of treatment, the method of treatment, any pre-existing conditions and/or pre-treatments cannot be taken into account.

The prices refer to the operative performance, the permanent availability after the operation and the long-term aftercare by experienced specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery. All prices, except consulting fees, are net prices.

Not included are laboratory costs, anaesthesia costs, accommodation costs, as well as the costs of follow-up insurance and the costs of compression linen if necessary.

The table contains only an excerpt of our services in order to maintain an overview. If you would like further information or if you have any questions about treatments not listed here, please call us or use our contact form.

Consultation fees

Initial esthetic surgery consultation fee 50 €
Initial injectable consultation fee (Botox, Juvederm, PRP) 30 €
Online video consultation 30 €

Body contours

Abdominoplasty 3.790 €
Abdominoplasty and liposuction 4.450 €
Lower abdominal lift 2.875 €
Liposuction of the abdomen 2.595 €
Liposuction of the back 2.190 €
A liposuction of the riding trousers and the inner thighs 2.875 €
A liposuction of the riding trousers 2.155 €
Liposuction of the knees 1.545 €
Upper arm lifting and liposuction 3.315 €

Breast operations

Breast augmentation with autologous fat 2.500 €
Breast reduction 3.900 €
Breast lift in T-cut technique 4.300 €
Breast lift in O-cut technique 2.900 €
Nipple correction 850 €
Breast augmentation with implant 3.900 €
Breast enlargement and breast lift 4.750 €
Implant change, capsule removal and tightening 5.250 €
Implant removal and tightening 4.450 €
Implant change and capsule removal 4.600 €

Man's breast   

Correction of a male breast (gynecomastia) 1.850 €

Facial surgery   

Facelift 5.350 €
Minifacelift 3.569 €
Forehead lift 3.450 €
Eyebrow lift 2.950 €
Brow lift with keyhole technique 2.795 €
Liposuction on the neck 1.480 €
Neck lift 3.350 €
Upper eyelid lift 1.200 €
Lower eyelid lift 1.700 €
Upper and lower eyelid lifting 2.545 €
Lower lid tightening with tightening of the eyelid thong 1.450 €
Fat grafting of the face (nanofat) 1.665 €
Lip augmentation surgery 1.495 €
Chin correction 1.985 €
Ear correction 2.950 €
Earlobe correction 590 €
The ablation of a hump 2.680 €
Ccorrection of the tip of the nose 3.280 €

Aesthetic Medicine   

Botox treatment 243 €
Injection of hyaluronic acid 296 €
PRP treatment of the dark circles 243 €
Three PRP treatments of the hair 972 €
Three Microneedling treatment of the face 1.337 €

Intimate surgery

Reduction of the labia minora 1.785 €
Correction of the pubic hill without skin tightening 1.495 €
Forming of the outer labia with own fat 1.650 €

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