Antiaging: The encyclopedia about beauty

Visible signs of aging mainly affect the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. The skin becomes thinner with age and cell renewal, especially the number of horn-forming skin cells (keratinocytes), decreases. The number of cells and the blood supply to the dermis decrease. The collagen fibers run more irregularly, are partially present in fragments and are reduced in number. The number of skin cells and the efficiency of skin cells also decrease (fibroblasts, Langerhans cells, monocytes and macrophages).

Aged adipose tissue

Aged adipose tissue releases messenger substances that impair the renewal of adipose tissue cells. The fat cells become smaller and less sensitive to certain hormones. Especially the fat cells under the skin decrease, while the fat cells in the abdominal cavity increase. With age, our genetic material (telomeres) changes and the number of stem cells decreases. Environmental changes, medications, diet and exercise affect the body’s aging processes. Aesthetic medicine helps to soften the traces of time.

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