What is the definition of attractive?

The word attractive comes from Latin and means attractive. Certain body features have a special attraction and are instinctively perceived as beautiful.

Personal feeling & culture

The perception of physical beauty is shaped by culture and by evolution. From an evolutionary-biological point of view, survival and the transmission of one’s own genes are the primary goals of humans. Characteristics of physical attraction serve to ensure the success of reproduction. Attractive characteristics are based primarily on body size, body shape, symmetry, gender-typical characteristics, and signs of physical resistance to disease (outward signs of health).

Influencing the choice of partner

Attractive characteristics influence the choice of a partner. Women prefer men who have resources for raising and protecting offspring. Men are influenced in their choice of partner by signs of fertility in women. The waist-to-hip ratio (waist-to-hip ratio) is a well-researched characteristic of female physical attractiveness.

The ratio is calculated by dividing the waist circumference (narrowest part of the abdomen) by the hip circumference (widest part of the hips). The waist-hip ratio is influenced by sex hormones. Estrogen lead to fat deposition on the hips, buttocks and thighs and inhibit fat deposition in the abdomen. In menopause, more fat is deposited around the waist; the waist-to-hip ratio increases.

Research has shown that women and men find a waist-to-hip ratio of approximately 0.7 particularly attractive. Breast-to-waist ratio (large breasts and a slim waist) also plays a role in women’s attractiveness. Men place more importance on female attractiveness than women do on male attractiveness. Women also pay attention to the attractiveness of other women.


  • Attracting
  • Beautiful
  • Attractiveness
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