Belly – meaning in aesthetics

The belly plays an essential role in attractiveness of a person. The features of a beautiful belly can be lost due to weight fluctuations or pregnancies. Both the ratio to the chest and the ratio to the hip are scientifically well researched beauty features.

Waisted or belly dresses emphasize these attributes in a special way. Beyond the waist-to-hip ratio or the bust-to-waist ratio, there are other characteristics that distinguish a beautiful belly. In youthful and athletic people, these features are easily recognizable. A depression in the midline area of the abdomen between the sternum and the belly button is called a champagne groove.

The belly button contributes significantly to an aesthetic appearance of the abdomen. A youthful navel is longitudinal-oval, not very deep and located further down than in middle age. In slender people, the lateral boundary of the straight abdominal muscles can be seen. This lateral depression is called a crescent-shaped line (linea semilunaris). The transition of the ribs to the abdominal muscles forms a gentle curve.

In fitness athletes, the saw muscle can be seen here. The lower abdomen is adjacent to the mons pubis, which can be distinguished from the lower abdomen by a slight elevation. In youthful well-trained athletes, the V-shaped transition of the abdominal muscles to the iliac crest and the inguinal ligament can be seen.

The area is therefore referred to as the V-bar. The laterally palpable bone of the iliac crest represents the boundary between the hip and the waist. The mentioned areas are also called aesthetic units (Matarasso et al. 2019. Aesthet Surg J). Consideration of these regions is fundamental to achieving optimal aesthetic results through abdominoplasty and/or abdominal liposuction. Symmetry and skin quality must also be considered during treatment. Scars and pregnancy marks could be treated by autologous fat treatment and microneedling.


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