Belly button – position & changes

The belly button is the first scar of the human being, which is formed in the first ten days after weaning. The belly button has cultural and religious meanings in many countries around the world.

In the Western world, the belly button also has a high aesthetic and a certain sexual value. The belly button is an intimate and personal feature that is often adorned with jewelry in certain cultures.

Location of the navel

The navel is located in the longitudinal axis of the body at approximately the level of the anterior bony prominences of the pelvis (spina iliaca anterior superior). The navel can have different shapes: longitudinal oval (the most common and sought after), transverse oval, T-shaped, round or protruding.

Changes in the course of life

When young, the navel is initially transverse oval, then round, and with increasing age and body weight longitudinal oval. The diameter and especially the depth of the belly button increase with age (Correia N. et al. Aesthet Surg J. 2018).

Treatment options:

Belly button correction

Belly button correction

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Belly button correction



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