Buttock lift and Brazilian Butt Lift

The correction of the gluteal contours

The perfectly shaped female buttocks or the striking contours of the male buttocks were already a recurring motif in Greek sculptures in antiquity. This body region has a special attraction for both men and women. The oldest sculpture of a human being found to date ("Venus of the Hollow Rock", about 40,000 years old) testifies to the fact that curves have always been a symbol of beauty in women.

These body parts can change significantly after weight fluctuations, in the course of age or in the case of congenital tissue weakness. The shape and silhouette of the buttocks may then no longer be in harmony with the other body proportions. In order to restore beautiful contours, not only the buttocks but also the hips, thighs and loins should be considered. The ideal gluteal contours are characterized by various features.

Depression on the outside of the buttocks

The region between the large and middle gluteal muscle on the one hand and the outer broad thigh muscle on the other hand forms a hollow. Since men generally have a thinner layer of subcutaneous fat tissue, this depression is more pronounced in men than in women.

Folded buttocks

This horizontal fold is located below the ischial tuberosity and forms at the border between the large gluteal muscle and the posterior thigh muscles.

Venus dimples (Fossula lumbalis)

Here the skin with short connective tissue fibres is firmly attached to the bone projection at the rear end of the iliac crest. Below this is the large gluteal muscle, laterally the middle gluteal muscle, headward the very broad back muscle and towards the middle the back muscles.

V-shaped fold

This striking contour is created at the base of the large gluteal muscle on the sacrum. Since the subcutaneous fatty tissue is characteristically more pronounced at the buttocks than at the sacrum, the deepening becomes even more pronounced.

Projection of the buttocks

An emphasized Po silhouette results from the different thickness of the subcutaneous fatty tissue at the buttocks and the sacrum. A hollow back can reinforce this impression.

Modern methods are available today to make various corrections.

Techniques of gluteal contouring

Po enlargement with own fat

The Po enlargement with own fat, also called "Brazilian butt lift", serves effectively the

  • Improvement of the projection of the buttock and
  • the correction of page differences and irregularities.

Liposuction of loins and hips

The liposuction of the loins and hips are very helpful to

  • to emphasize the projection of the buttocks.
  • Remove annoying fat deposits.

Upper buttock lift

The upper buttock lift in combination with an abdominoplasty is particularly effective for

  • Tightening of the Pos.
  • Improvement of the projection of the buttocks.

Lower buttock lift

The lower buttock lift can be effectively combined with a thigh lift for

  • Tightening of the Pos.
  • Improvement of the projection of the buttocks, whereby the scar in the fold of the buttocks is very inconspicuous.


A needling treatment effectively leads to one:

  • Fading of the stretch marks at the bottom

How can you prepare for buttock contouring?

  • The buttocks should be contoured when the desired weight has been reached.
  • All your questions about possible complications and alternative treatments should be answered before the operation.
  • Keep nicotine and alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • If necessary, take hormone-containing medication (the pill) temporarily.
  • Blood-thinning medication (e.g. ASS, Thomapyrin®) must be discontinued at least ten days before the operation after consultation with your doctor.
  • Vitamin preparations (A, E) and food supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, St. John's wort preparations, etc.) must be discontinued at least four weeks before the operation.
  • On the day of surgery, shower with a disinfectant soap (e.g. HiBiScrub® Plus, Octenisan® Wash Lotion, Prontoderm® Shower Gel).
  • Surgeries limit the suitability for air travel. For this reason, do not plan any professional or private air travel during the six weeks following the operation.
  • Before performing aesthetic procedures, you should take out follow-up insurance.

How is buttock contouring performed?

In preparation for each operation, it is routinely checked several times whether all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure maximum patient safety. The operation is not started until all the prerequisites have been fulfilled according to the checklist.

Before the operation, the areas to be treated are marked in a standing position. You will then be given a sleeping pill via a cannula so that further events will pass you by. If the operation is performed in twilight sleep, the surgeon injects a sterile physiological water-adrenaline solution with anaesthetic ("tumescent local anaesthesia"). Within five to ten minutes, the surgical areas are numb. If you don't sleep deeply anyway, you may feel something happening on the surface of your body. In the case of general anesthesia, the centrally acting painkillers replace the local anesthetic of the water-adrenaline solution.

The marked areas are injected in order to operate more gently and to prevent the formation of bruises and contour irregularities ("tumescence technique"). The injection and liposuction is carried out with fine microcannulas, which are inserted into the subcutaneous fat tissue of the marked areas via tiny skin incisions of about two to three millimetres. After the tissue has been infiltrated and loosened, the excess fatty tissue is removed by negative pressure using an aspiration cannula. The cannulas are inserted through several openings and are guided in a fan shape in order to achieve a suction image that is as uniform as possible. In an autologous fat treatment, fat tissue cells are sucked off, cleaned and filtered and, at a suitable location, punctures of more than two millimetres are made in the buttocks. The body's own transplanted cells are used to build volume and improve contours. On average, about 400ml is inserted per session during an autologous fat treatment.

The procedure takes about 1.5 to three hours, depending on the findings. Immediately after the operation you will be continuously monitored in a so-called recovery room. You can drink something after the complete awakening and, if you tolerate it well, eat something. Before you leave the practice, appointments for check-ups will be made and the behavioural measures will be discussed with you in detail. You will receive a comprehensive written report and a telephone number where you can reach the surgeon 24 hours a day in an emergency.

What do you have to consider after buttock contouring?

  • This is followed by regular checks of your well-being and the results of the operation.
  • Sitting or lying on your back should be avoided during the first two weeks and then reduced to the minimum by the 6th week.
  • Showering is possible from the third postoperative day immediately before the wound check up.
  • The skin threads are removed between the tenth and fourteenth postoperative day.
  • Previously fitted compression garments should be worn continuously for six weeks.
  • From the third postoperative week onwards, several daily massages for a few minutes in a circle as well as lengthwise and crosswise to the course of the scar with oily creams (e.g. Bepanthen® ointment or Linola® fat) help to inconspicuous scars.
  • Bending down, lifting heavy loads, swimming, sauna, sexual intercourse and sports activities should be avoided for four weeks, possibly longer if swelling still exists.
  • Excessive UV radiation (solarium/sunbathing) should be avoided for at least three months.

Author's statement

Author: Stéphane Stahl, MD, PhD. There are no financial relationships with the pharmaceutical or medical device industries that could have influenced the above text. Any reproduction, even partial, is permitted for personal use only. All texts used on this website are protected by copyright.


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