What is a bullhorn lift?

The skin's elasticity decreases with age. Muscles and bones are lost. As a result, the upper lip red becomes thinner and the upper lip white becomes longer. Bullhorn Lift is a technique of lip lifting (in the technical language Cheiloplasty). The skin under the nose is tightened and the distance between nose and mouth is shortened. Since the curved shape of the removed skin is reminiscent of the shape of bull horns, the technique of lip correction is colloquially called Bullhorn Lift. The youthful proportion of the mouth area is restored. The upper lip red becomes fuller and naturally emphasizes the sensual radiance. The scar is very inconspicuous in the skin fold below the nose. The results of the lip lift are permanent.


How does a lip lift surgery proceed?

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. The surgery takes about thirty minutes. An overnight stay at the clinic is not necessary. For greater comfort, an anesthetic cream is applied thirty to sixty minutes before the procedure. The very thin needle of the anesthetic syringe is hardly noticed afterwards. The excess skin and the incision are marked with a fine marker. The anaesthetic injected contains adrenaline to prevent bruising. The effect of the anaesthetic lasts for about two hours. The optical magnification of a magnifying glass allows a particularly gentle operation. The wound is closed with the finest sutures and treated with adhesive plasters. After the operation you will be given a detailed report. This report contains recommendations for conduct and a telephone number where you can reach your surgeon at any time. Before you leave the clinic, examination appointments are made to follow the healing process.


What can you expect after an operation?

Avoid bending over and cool the lip after the anaesthetic has worn off. This will prevent swelling in the first three days after the treatment. If possible, sleep with your upper body slightly raised during the first night. Avoid physical exertion. Avoid nicotine and alcohol consumption for at least five days. During the first three days we recommend that you avoid excessive mouth movements (e.g. laughing, chewing, speaking). The stitches are usually removed after 8 days. Direct sunlight can have a negative influence on scar healing. Massaging the scar from the second week on will create a fine inconspicuous scar.


Bullhorn-Lift before after Pictures

The Heilmittelwerbegesetz § 11 restricts the pictorial representation of cosmetic surgery in Germany. The state of health and lifestyle influence the healing process and the risks after an operation. A treatment plan and a treatment result are not transferable to every person. During the consultation and information session, before-and-after pictures are helpful to show the possibilities of the respective treatment procedure. In scientific publications, pictures are provided with a legend and published in the context of a scientific article. The before-and-after photos are identical with regard to size, position and illumination. Information about age, state of health and surgical technique allows the specialist to accurately classify a surgical result. With the prohibition of before and after pictures in public, the legislator wants to avoid showing pictures without background information.


How much does a Bullhorn Lift cost?

Our cost page informs about the order of magnitude of the costs. Since a treatment plan is based on your individual needs and requirements, the effort and costs can vary. Our responsibility does not end with the surgery. We have high standards for our work. We regularly evaluate the quality of our work in order to develop ourselves further. Learn more about our quality standards.


Author's statement

Author: Stéphane Stahl, MD, PhD. There are no financial relationships with the pharmaceutical or medical device industries that could have influenced the above text. Any reproduction, even partial, is permitted for personal use only. All texts used on this website are protected by copyright.


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