Aesthetic Medicine: Definition

Every human being has his own idea of beauty. In the course of life, this and with it one's own body feeling can be diminished or lost. The CenterPlast team treats these changes after individual and type-appropriate consultation with innovative therapy approaches in aesthetic medicine - in order to preserve the beautiful. Non-surgical treatment methods are the focus of the treatment, gentle and effective at the same time for an individual and natural result.

How do facial wrinkles develop?

The skin loses its elasticity with increasing age and after intensive sun or UV irradiation. The connective tissue holding apparatus of the skin slackens and the skin fat shrinks. Individual predispositions or habits such as smoking can also lead to a decrease in the elasticity of the skin. The following types of wrinkles are distinguished with regard to possible causes and treatments.

Actinic wrinkles are caused by years of UV radiation from the sun or solarium, which damage the skin and support or even accelerate the natural formation of wrinkles. These wrinkles are particularly visible in the face around the mouth and neck. Sun wrinkles, for example, can be effectively treated with needling or peeling.

In the case of orthostatic or gravity wrinkles, muscles and skin fat sag as a result of the loss of tissue firmness. This type of wrinkle includes, for example, the nasolabial fold between the corner of the mouth and the nose. Depending on the degree of wrinkles, they can be padded with tissue fillers or autologous fat or/and corrected with a face lift. A brow lift may be necessary to correct sunken eyebrows.

Dynamic or mimic wrinkles are the result of active muscle movement. Fine muscles involved in certain facial expressions stretch or contract the skin. Over time, furrows appear in certain areas of the face. These wrinkles are often referred to by the facial expressions that characterize them, such as frown lines, lines of thought (forehead wrinkles) or laughter lines (crow's feet). A botulinum toxin A injection is suitable for reducing these wrinkles.

The specialists at CenterPlast will be happy to advise you on all aspects and possibilities of aesthetic medicine. The main areas of skin rejuvenation, skin revitalization and wrinkle treatment include:

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