Aesthetic Surgery: Definition

Too big a nose, too small breasts, unattractive wrinkles, sagging skin - if nature or time has given us attributes that do not correspond to our body perception, aesthetic surgery can help. It includes all surgical procedures that serve the subjective beautification of the body. Here, the desired changes are largely within the scope of the natural equipment.

The CenterPlast team relies on innovative methods that strain the body as little as possible and achieve an optimal and natural result.

Aesthetic surgery of the breast

For many women, the shape and size of the breast play a central role in their own body perception and self-esteem. This is why aesthetic breast surgery is one of the most common operations in aesthetic surgery. The CenterPlast team offers a wide range of treatment options: from breast enlargement with and without implants, to reductions, changes in shape or tightening.

Aesthetic Surgery: Face

The individual shape of the face changes in the course of life due to various influencing factors such as the aging process and solar radiation. In addition, the appearance and function of the face can be affected by illnesses, accidents or congenital malformations. Since one's own reflection strongly influences one's self-esteem and every person perceives and assesses one's appearance very individually, the decision to have an aesthetic intervention is always a very personal decision. The consultation and treatment at CenterPlast is based on the highest international quality and safety standards. Our goal is a harmonious and natural appearance - without leaving visible traces.

Aesthetic Surgery: Body

A beautiful, firm body stands for sportiness and youthfulness. Healthy nutrition and sport have a positive influence on the body's silhouette - but sometimes this is not enough and one's own body perception and quality of life are impaired. Here aesthetic surgery offers a multitude of possibilities:


The normal aging process, pregnancies or a large reduction in weight can result in excess skin that is aesthetically disruptive. With targeted tightening procedures, the excess skin can be removed and the overall appearance of the body can be tightened.

Liposuction (liposuction)

In addition, interventions such as liposuction (liposuction) can permanently remove annoying and stubborn fat deposits.

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