Second opinion

Before making a decision, obtaining a second opinion from a doctor can help to dispel doubts.

Surveys show that over a third of patients seek second opinions. On average, these patients obtain information about the planned procedure from two other doctors before visiting the plastic and aesthetic surgeon. The risk awareness and the increasing information level of the patients is a very positive development, which we would like to support by providing understandable information on our website.

The treatment costs are relevant for the decision, but the trust in the doctor should be decisive in the end. The training, experience, skills and scientific competence of a doctor are more difficult for a layman to compare than the costs. Find out about the qualifications of the doctor you trust! The terms "cosmetic surgeon", "aesthetic surgeon" or "cosmetic surgeon" are not protected. The situation is different with the professional title "Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon", these physicians have all completed an appropriate six-year training course.

Tips for finding a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery can be found here.

Further characteristics point to a quality-oriented supply of the patients:

  1.     The processing and analysis of sources of error
  2.     Keeping security check lists
  3.     Systematic monitoring of treatment success and patient satisfaction
  4.     Implementing workflows that focus on the patient and avoid waiting times
  5.     A follow-up plan with behavioural measures and regular check-ups.
  6.     The protection of privacy and the strict respect of data protection
  7.     Avoiding unnecessary risks and hedging risks
  8.     Responsible handling of the patient's trust and resources

On our website you will find further information on the subject of quality.


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