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    Filler against dark circles under the eyes

    Injection with hyaluronic acid achieves excellent results, provided that the injection is actually indicated and the injection has been technically performed correctly. Detailed anatomical knowledge is important to achieve good results and avoid risks. Dark circles under the eyes, moderate tear troughs and slight bags under the eyes can be corrected with hyaluronic acid. Improvement of tear troughs can be achieved approximately 90 percent of the time (Viana GAP, et. al., 2011, Aesthet Surg J). The best results can be achieved in patients with thick skin, low-grade skin discoloration and moderately deep tear troughs. For under-eye wrinkles and tear troughs, lower eyelid blepharoplasty achieves the best results.

    At what age to inject hyaluronic acid?

    Hyaluronic acid injections are a useful treatment for signs of aging on the face. Depending on lifestyle and predisposition, these changes rarely appear before the age of thirty. Hyaluronic acid is also suitable for correcting inherited facial features. Certain features such as nasal humps or a receding chin develop during the growth phase of children and can cause a great deal of suffering. After the growth spurt of puberty, these contours no longer change. After the onset of the first menstrual period or voice break, correction is possible.

    At CenterPlast you will be in the hands of experienced and excellently trained plastic surgeons. Every treatment plan is preceded by an examination and diagnosis. In a consultation, different treatment methods and their chances of success and risks are weighed up. We help you to make a sensible and well-considered decision. With fact-based information and careful explanation, we support our patients in making self-determined decisions. In the case of adolescents, the support of parents is important and helpful.

    The treatment of dark circles with hyaluron

    Plan on 20 to 30 minutes for one treatment. An anesthetic cream is applied for your comfort. Afterwards, the skin is carefully disinfected. Accurate injection of hyaluronic acid is crucial for long-term and aesthetically pleasing results. The hyaluronic acid is injected just below the orbital rim. Since hyaluronic acid can cause swelling after injection, as little as 0.2 milliliters of hyaluronic acid is sufficient. Nevertheless, the hyaluronic acid may be visible or palpable if the skin is very thin. The control after two weeks shows whether a further improvement is possible with a second injection. In only about 50 percent is there a slight bruise, which completely dissolves after five to seven days. A slight swelling recedes after a few weeks. A gentle massage with little pressure after the treatment helps to distribute the hyaluronic acid evenly in the tissue. In 85 percent of cases, the effect of hyaluronic acid lasts 15 months (Donath AS, et al., 2010, Plast Reconstr Surg).

    Filler against tear troughs

    Tear troughs form at the junction between two fat pads (orbital fat and suborbicularis oculi fat: SOOF). These fat pads are separated by connective tissue fibers (orbicularis retaining ligament). The fibers of this connective tissue extend from the lower edge of the orbit through the orbicularis oculi muscle to the skin. Small changes in the skin, fat pads or connective tissue can cause shadows to form on the surface of the skin. This is caused by a reduction in skin elasticity, severe weight loss, water retention or signs of aging. The following characteristics must be considered when examining and treating tear troughs:

    • Tear trough depth: distance from the anterior lacrimal crest of the upper jaw (crista lacrimalis anterior) to the depth of the trough.
    • Dark circles under the eyes: discoloration of the skin may increase the impression of depth of a lacrimal groove. Congestion of blood in the subcutaneous fat tissue may also cause darkening.
    • Lacrimal sacs: If the connective tissue is weak, the central fat pad below the eye may protrude in the vicinity of the nasal bone. Protrusion of these fat pads leads to the formation of bags under the eyes and accentuation of the depth of the tear trough.
    • Wrinkles under the eyes: wrinkles on the lower eyelid emphasize the prolapse of the fat pad below the eye and the depth of the tear trough.

    Mild manifestations of a tear trough are effectively corrected by hyaluronic acid injections. In most patients, there is also a loss of volume laterally, above the cheekbones. It is therefore important to include the entire eye area in the examination and treatment. In moderate or severe cases, it is necessary to loosen the connective tissue and redistribute the fat pads. You can read more about this on our lower eyelid lift page.

    Filler for upper eyelids (engl. “A-frame deformity”)

    An arched eyelid crease and a harmonious transition from the upper eyelid to the eyebrow give a radiant youthful expression. With age, the skin becomes thinner and the subcutaneous fatty tissue shrinks. As a result, the bony eye socket and the upper eyelid crease become more prominent. With certain predispositions, a tapered eyelid crease forms on the upper eyelid, also called “A-frame deformity”. The eye socket appears larger and the eyes look sunken. The eyelid frenulum loses its elasticity, making the eye opening smaller. This creates the impression of small eyes. The sunken area between the upper eyelid and the eye bulge can give a pre-aged and tired impression. With hyaluronic acid injections, sunken eyes can be corrected. The effect of hyaluronic acid usually lasts for 12 months or longer.

    Filler versus autologous blood therapy

    Centrifugation can separate the blood into its components. Platelets and messenger substances are enriched with a specific separating gel. Over 800 signaling molecules are detectable in the concentrated plasma, including vascularendothelial growth factor (VEGF) platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor (TGF) (Garcia BA, et al., 2005, J Proteome Res). The concentration of platelets is over one million platelets per microliter and corresponds to 4 to 7 times the amount (Giusti I., et al., 2009, Transfusion). The endogenous substances are involved in many metabolic processes of tissue renewal. In the so-called Vampire Lift, the body’s own stimulating blood components are specifically injected in concentrated form. The positive properties have been known for many years (Kim DH, et al., 2011, Ann Dermatol 2011) and have been proven in high-quality and conclusive studies (Hausauer AK, et al., 2020, Dermatol Surg). Skin suppleness and skin elasticity are improved (N. Cameli, et al. 2017, Dermatol Surg). Nevertheless, some variation from one patient to another is inevitable, as each person will have a slightly different platelet count in the blood drawn.

    The concentrated platelets also stimulate the formation of new hyaluronic acid (Kakudo N, et al. 2008, Plast Reconstr Surg). However, the effects of autologous blood treatment are very diverse. Combining the treatment methods of hyaluronic acid subcutaneous injection and autologous blood treatment achieves better results than treatment with filler or autologous blood alone (Ulusal BG., 2017, J Cosmet Dermatol). The effects of filler and plasma complement each other. If both skin elasticity and subcutaneous fat tissue are reduced, hyaluronic acid injection together with autologous blood treatment is useful.

    What is the cost of removing dark circles around the eyes with fillers?

    Before and after pictures for under eye circles injection. Before patients decide to have their dark circles removed non-surgically, they often want to see before-and-after pictures of treatments that the practice has performed. Centerplast also offers the possibility of showing treatment results. You can find more information about it on our corresponding page.

    Testimonials for removing dark circles and treating tear troughs

    Before patients decide on the appropriate treatment and choose a suitable experienced expert for the treatment, they usually look for testimonials on the Internet. People who have already undergone the treatment at the corresponding practice explain in such reports whether they were satisfied with the service, the consultation and, of course, with the treatment and the result. Patient testimonials can be quite helpful. Reviews additionally provide an average overall picture of patient satisfaction. Therefore, visit our corresponding page, which bundles all this.

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