How to get rid of frown lines?

    The removal of the thinker’s wrinkles, also called “mid-forehead-lifting”, is particularly suitable for a long forehead and deep frown lines:

    • to eliminate the wrinkles of the forehead.

    Neuromodulator substances

    Treatment with a neuromodulator substance is suitable for:

    • Treatment of frown lines.
    • Removal of lines of thought.

    Upper Eyelid Lift

    An upper eyelid lift can be performed effectively via a barely visible incision in the upper eyelid crease.

    • excess skin on the upper lid can be removed.

    Arcus marginalis release

    This surgical technique can be performed in conjunction with a lower lid lift or through an incision in the conjunctiva. It serves the:

    • Removal of lacrimal glands.

    Eyelash serum (Bimatoprost)

    The eyelash serum Bimatoprost has been proven to deliver:

    • Thicker and longer eyelashes,
    • Thicker eyebrows.


    The Needling treatment is particularly effective after three repetitions in order to

    • to improve the skin quality and to achieve a slight tightening effect.

    How can you prepare for eyebrow correction?

    All your questions about possible complications and alternative treatments to brow lift should be answered before the surgical procedure.

    • Limit nicotine & alcohol consumption to a minimum before surgery.
    • Discontinue blood-thinning medications such as ASS or Thomapyrin® in time. You must stop taking it at least once a day. ten days before the forehead lift, of course in consultation with your attending physician.
    • Discontinuation of vitamin preparations (A, E) and food supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, St. John’s wort preparations, etc.): At least four weeks before the operation.
    • Have ice cubes or cooling pads ready at home to cool your skin. So you can start immediately after the treatment with this.
    • Before performing aesthetic procedures, you should take out follow-up insurance.

    What do you have to consider after an eyebrow correction?

    • An elevation of the upper body of about 30 degrees (also when sleeping) as well as a cooling of the eyes for 2 to 3 days are beneficial for the decongestion & wound healing.
    • Showering is possible (immediately before wound control) from the first postoperative day.
    • Regular controls of your well-being as well as the OP result follow.
    • The skin threads are removed about 5 to 6 days after the operation.
    • After about two, better three weeks you can start working again.
    • From the third week after the operation onwards, repeated daily massages for a few minutes in circles as well as transversely and longitudinally to the course of the scar with greasing creams such as Bepanthen® ointment or Linola® fat help to make the scars inconspicuous.
    • Bending over, lifting heavy loads, swimming, taking a sauna and sporting activities should be taboo for two weeks, possibly longer if swelling is still present.
    • Excessive UV exposure through sunbathing and solarium should be avoided for at least three months.
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