Inflammation of a wound

Every wound represents a possible entry point for germs. An inflammation can require medical or surgical treatment. In unfavorable cases, the pathogens can lead to life-threatening blood poisoning (sepsis), which requires intensive medical treatment. Inflammation of the subcutaneous fascia is a rare but potentially life-threatening complication.

Blood poisoning can lead to limb amputation. Barely bearable pain can also be the result.

The development of an inflammation is favored by a defense weakness or aggressive properties of the pathogens. Multidrug-resistant pathogens are insensitive to multiple antibiotics. Even a healthy person can be a carrier of a multidrug-resistant germ without being aware of it and without contracting the pathogen. If these germs lead to infections, they can be difficult to treat. The risk of inflammation is influenced by the size of the wound, the duration of surgery, and body temperature, among other factors. Smoking, even if paused four weeks prior to surgery, has been shown to be associated with a higher risk of inflammation.

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