Labia reduction

    Preserving your privacy: a conversation from woman to woman.

    The function of the labia minora is to protect the vagina from drying out and to control the flow of urine. To fulfill this function, the labia minora must be at least 10 mm wide. As for any body feature (e.g. height, body weight, etc.), there are differences in the intimate area from woman to woman, which have no disease value. However, in certain cases large labia can also lead to an impairment in everyday life and to a psychological burden. Discomfort during sexual intercourse, when wearing tight clothing and swimwear or during sports activities can be successfully treated by labiaplasty. In addition to medical reasons, some patients self-determinedly wish to improve their appearance and decide to undergo aesthetic plastic surgery and thus labiaplasty. The desire for intimate surgery is discussed in a professional and individual consultation and the complaints are analyzed. Discretion and the protection of privacy are a matter of course for us. Careful planning takes place before all interventions.

    What is labia reduction?

    The average width of the inner labia is two centimeters, measured from the midline to the edge. The average length of the labia minora is six centimeters. Small and symmetrical labia minora are a feature of youthfulness and beauty of the female vulva. The causes of enlargement of the labia minora are unknown. These labia majora are divided according to the protrusion of the labia minora in relation to the labia majora. With labia majora, a prominent clitoral hood is often found. In the case of labia reduction, the disturbing protrusion of the labia minora is removed under local anesthesia and, if desired, under sedation (twilight sleep). Within the scope of this intimate surgery, together with the labia reduction, a correction of the labia is often performed with regard to the desired symmetry. The goal is to balance them out and achieve an optimal result. The clitoral mantle is also tightened in the process. The most common techniques of labia reduction are edge resection, wedge resection, Z-plasty (Z-plasty), deepithelialization and W-plasty. For labiaplasty, the surgeon tailors the techniques individually to the needs and wishes of the woman concerned in order to achieve the desired image of reduction as well as a harmonious and optimal result.

    How is labia reduction performed?

    Each labiaplasty is carefully prepared. The surgeon, assistant, anesthesiologist and the surgical nurses are a well-established team and specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery. Nevertheless, at the appointment, everyone routinely checks several times to make sure that all necessary precautions have been taken for your maximum safety. Only when the checklist is complete can the procedure begin.

    If you have a twilight sleep, you will be given medication to reduce your anxiety and decrease your sensitivity to pain. The surgeon will apply a local anesthetic cream so you will not feel the local anesthetic injection before the labiaplasty. Within five to ten minutes, the surgical areas are numb, ensuring a pain-free procedure. The application of a long-acting local anesthetic ensures that you will have no discomfort even after the surgical correction. If you are not already deeply asleep, you will at most feel that something is happening on the surface of your body.

    For detailed vision and maximum precision, Dr. Santos Stahl operates with magnifying glasses. The experienced specialist and surgeon draws on the excess tissue to achieve exact symmetry. The injected adrenaline-anesthetic solution (tumescent technique) prevents bruising and ensures the best visibility. These are the basic requirements for gentle (atraumatic) surgery. The marked tissue is removed with great care. In the final step of the method, the surgeon scleroses the smallest vessels and closes the edges with fine self-dissolving sutures. As a rule, these dissolve after about three weeks. Every step of the correction is performed with a steady hand, a lot of sensitivity and perfectionism.

    The duration of the surgery is relatively short, and the outpatient procedure takes only about 45 minutes. Immediately after the operation, you will be continuously monitored by an experienced specialist in a recovery room. You will be able to drink something and, if you tolerate it well, also eat something after you have fully awakened. You will be assisted by our nursing staff when you go to the toilet for the first time. Before you leave the practice, control appointments will be made and the behavioral measures will be discussed with you in detail. You will be given a comprehensive written report and a telephone number. The surgeon is available for you 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

    Before, after and even during the surgical procedure, you can watch movies or your favorite shows with virtual reality glasses. This is for good reason, because it’s not only entertaining: the distraction has also been shown to reduce pain sensitivity.

    Which patients undergo labia reduction?

    The age and reasons for labia reduction vary. Even after the age of sixty, patients opt for the labiaplasty method if they complain of enlarged labia. Since self-confidence is not yet mature in adolescents, cosmetic surgery should be performed after they reach the age of majority. Social maturity, educational maturity and self-esteem are established earlier in some and later in others. Therefore, each patient is considered individually and mental and psychological maturity is critically assessed. Basically, the consultation of adolescents takes place with the parents. In adolescents, the most common questions concern an existing asymmetry. While one side of the labia minora developed normally, the other side does not continue to grow after puberty.

    Most patients choose to have their labia reduced for aesthetic reasons. Shame or pain on the female genitals during sex, skin irritation when wearing tight clothes, hygienic problems and discomfort during sports activities are other reasons. Especially unilaterally enlarged labia minora can affect the formation of the urine stream.

    What can you expect during a consultation for labia reduction?

    Dr. Santos Stahl, a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery, will first of all ask you why you want to have the procedure and what you would like to change. Physical and emotional complaints are raised and evaluated. General information about work and leisure time is important in order to be able to plan the recovery phase after the operation. Effects of your complaints on your intimate life are important for planning treatment. All information you entrust to Dr. Santos Stahl will be kept strictly confidential.

    In order to identify and prevent any risks in a timely manner, Dr. Santos Stahl will ask for information on the following topics:

    • Preventive examinations,
    • pregnancies,
    • Family planning,
    • pre-existing conditions and previous operations
    • allergies and
    • Medication
    • Please let us know if you smoke or take any dietary supplements. These factors will have a major impact on your surgery.

    After a complete and thorough physical examination, Dr. Santos Stahl will discuss your goals with you. She will go into medical indications for labia majora, show you various alternative forms of treatment and go into the associated risks as well as limitations. During the consultation you will receive comprehensive information so that you can decide for yourself which treatment is right for you after weighing up the arguments. It is very important to always discuss your expectations openly with the surgeon.

    Dr. Santos Stahl will discuss all the details of the procedure with you. This also includes the type of anaesthesia used, the follow-up insurance, the preparatory measures as well as the behavioural measures after the surgical intervention. The surgeon will explain to you transparently and in a comprehensible manner how the costs of labiaplasty are made up.

    If you are unsure or do not feel fully informed, do not hesitate to ask your doctor questions. It is not uncommon for meaningful questions to come up afterward. At the end of the initial consultation, we are happy to offer you a second consultation. It is very important to us that all your questions have been answered before the operation.

    What are the benefits of labia reduction?

    • Intimate surgery can meet women’s cosmetic and functional needs and improve patient well-being.
    • After cosmetic surgery for the intimate area, patients report increased attractiveness and sexual satisfaction.
    • Several studies show that appropriate and correctly performed labiaplasty results in increased sexual arousal, more frequent intercourse, and stronger as well as more frequent orgasms.
    • The scar between the inner and outer labia is barely visible in most cases.
    • The operation can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

    What are the risks of labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty is associated with opportunities but also with risks. The desired shape is not visible immediately after surgery. Temporary swelling is unavoidable in the first days after surgery. Due to the delicate nature of the mucosa, gaping of the wound edges is possible despite careful suturing. Hours after the operation, in rare cases of high blood pressure, bleeding may occur in the surgical area. These problems can be well managed by prompt re-operation and a rapid recovery can be expected. Tissue swelling can cause urinary retention at the nearby urethra. Urinary diversion through a catheter may be necessary in this case. Severe scarring may also cause discomfort when urinating. When the tissue is detached, skin nerves may be severed. The numbness is usually temporary. In principle, there is a risk that too much or too little tissue has been removed. Careful examination, consultation and planning reduce the risk. Side differences with respect to the size and shape but also the position and size of the scars may remain. Scar healing takes time, usually six to twelve months. Scars as well as sensory disturbances can lead to a reduction in sexual experience.

    What do I need to consider before a labia reduction?

    Visit our intimate surgery page to learn how to best prepare for your procedure.

    What can I expect after a labia reduction?

    On our intimate surgery page we have listed all the recommended behaviours for you.

    What costs must be expected for a labia operation?

    First of all, it should be noted that the health insurance company can cover costs in certain cases. If the procedure is not necessary for aesthetic reasons but for medical reasons, the patient can apply to the health insurance company for the costs to be covered. You can find more information on the following page

    With the help of our price calculator you have the option to calculate the costs for a labia operation. However, it is not possible to give an exact price without an examination, since, among other things, the scope of treatment as well as possible previous illnesses and/or pre-treatments cannot be taken into account in the simulation. If you like the price range, it is best to arrange a personal consultation. We will also be happy to take the time to advise you on financing options without obligation.

    Before and after pictures of a labia reduction in Saarbrücken

    To learn more about the possibility of viewing before and after photos of labia surgery, visit our before and after pictures page now.

    Why a labia reduction in Saarbrücken?

    Brazil has been the undisputed leader in aesthetic surgery for decades and is considered the cradle of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Santos Stahl completed her residency in Brazil with top-notch surgeons. Later she acquired the German and the European specialist qualification. Dr. Santos Stahl has also expanded her spectrum and knowledge with the most influential plastic surgeons (specialists in plastic surgery) in Dallas, Salt Lake City and Oakland – thanks to a scholarship from the largest professional association of plastic surgeons in Germany (VDÄPC). Dr. Santos Stahl has also conducted clinical studies herself and regularly attends scientific congresses.

    Experience after labia reduction at CenterPlast Saarbrücken.

    We systematically examine and compare the appearance, well-being and satisfaction of patients after the procedure. This is also the case in the field of intimate surgery: for this purpose, your satisfaction with the appearance and your complaints are recorded before and also after the operation. The possible influence of the intervention on perceived self-confidence is also considered in the data collection. The patients often agree to answer questions on the subject from interested patients. We would therefore be happy to establish contact.

    Of course, you will also find numerous Jameda and Google experience reports on the Internet about labia reductions at CenterPlast in Saarbrücken. Visit our testimonials page now if you want to learn more.

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