What should be taken into account for a caesarean scar?

The healing of a wound usually takes days. Scar healing, however, takes months. Your doctor’s advice should be followed during the healing process so that the risk of disrupting the healing process is reduced.

The scar formation is completed after nine to twelve months. In the first months, scars are usually raised and reddened.

The healing process can be supported by massaging and the application of silicone plasters until the scar healing is complete. Over time, the itching of the scar decreases. An initial feeling of numbness improves.

If a caesarean scar heals unsightly, treatment may be advisable after a certain time.

How can you beautify a cesarean scar?

Different complaints require different treatment options. A wide scar after a caesarean section can be removed. With plastic surgery techniques and a very carefully executed skin suture, a fine inconspicuous scar remains. A correction can also beautify a skewed asymmetrical scar. With an own fat treatment, adhesions or retractions of the scar can be treated. An operation of the scar is not always necessary. Bulging or proliferating scars can be treated with injections. After microneedling treatments, flat, hard scars become less visible.

When does it make sense to correct a caesarean scar?

We recommend that the scar be corrected or cut out nine to twelve months after birth. Injections of cortisone can be started after six months in the case of very bulging scars.

What treatments are available for beautifying the lower abdomen?

The correction of a caesarean scar is often performed in conjunction with other aesthetic treatment methods. If the abdominal skin does not recede after pregnancy, the abdominal wall can be tightened. If there is little excess skin, a mini-abdominal lift can be performed together with the beautification of the caesarean scar. Small fat pads that do not recede after pregnancy can be suctioned out. To restore a harmonious transition from the lower abdomen to the pubic area, a mons pubis reduction can be useful. A microneedling treatment improves the skin’s elasticity and allows stretch marks to fade away.

What does the treatment of a caesarean scar cost?

Our cost page informs about the prices of the different treatment options. We will be happy to make you an individual offer after a consultation.

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