Cosmetic surgery on the abdomen – questions and answers

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the field of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic plastic surgery on the abdomen.

Beauty ideal flat stomach and narrow waist

A trained female stomach and a six-pack for men are a sign of athleticism and health. A flat and taut stomach is perceived by the majority as attractive. The contours of the abdomen play an important role across cultures and histories. Many scientific studies have dealt with the perfect abdominal girth. Regardless of whether a firm belly or a little hip fat is perceived as particularly attractive, everyone should feel comfortable in their skin.

Many ask themselves the question: How can I achieve my ideal of beauty?

Abdominal plastic surgery for whom and when?

The motives for a cosmetic surgery on the abdomen are very individual. The decision to have abdominal surgery is never taken lightly. Affected persons usually carry themselves with the thought for many years. If the strain considerably restricts their private life, for example when doing sports, swimming on the beach or in the swimming pool, and if they are otherwise in good health, cosmetic surgery can help them to achieve a better quality of life.

Even after hard and persistent training, a beer belly can remain, which can genetically condition the body feeling considerably impaired. Due to their disposition, men and women can accumulate fat pads that do not respond to diet or sports despite an athletic physique. Whoever gets rid of a flabby belly or a pot belly through willpower and a change of life, often suffers from the skin folds that remain behind. In the extreme case, a potbelly remains after a strong weight loss, which is called fat apron in the technical language. Beyond the feeling of shame, back problems or skin inflammations can be very stressful.

After several pregnancies or twin pregnancies, the sagging skin can be disturbing. Stretch marks or a flabby belly can cause a high degree of suffering. Abdominal plastic surgery includes the treatment of stretch marks and the correction of a torn navel piercing.

Which cosmetic surgery to tighten the abdomen?

It is not uncommon for excess skin to remain after childbirth or weight loss. Abdominal muscle training does not help here. Caution is advised if a tightening of the abdomen is planned without surgery. Various methods are available for treating the abdominal skin. These include cold treatment against fat (cryolipolysis), an electromagnetic stimulation device for the abdomen (EMS Training), laser treatment, plasmapen, radiofrequency or thermage. These procedures are not an option for removing abdominal skin folds.

Gentle and new surgical techniques have improved the aesthetic results and reduced the risks. The removal of excess skin leaves a fine scar, which is ideally covered by underwear or swimwear. In abdominoplasty, unsightly scars are removed, for example after a caesarean section or hernia operation. Depending on the body weight and skin texture, other subtleties can be taken into account, such as a slim waist, an exposure of the abdominal muscles, a mons pubis reduction or a navel correction. Ideally, a longitudinally oval deep navel is formed at the height of the iliac crests, in women about one centimeter higher than in men. With liposuction of the flanks, patients have the option of treating their own fat. The suctioned abdominal fat can be used to improve the contours of the buttocks or breast. In women, attention is paid to a slim waist, a deepening of the midline (champagne groove) and an emphasis on the navel. In men, during abdominal plastic surgery, the V-bar and the limitation of the straight abdominal muscles are emphasized. Care should be taken to ensure a harmonious transition from the flat abdomen to the pubic mound in both men and women. If necessary, a reduction of the mons pubis can be performed as part of an abdominal lift.

What does a plastic surgery on the stomach cost?

In order to achieve an optimal result, it is necessary to consider many details. We have high demands on the result of our work. This requires careful and precise planning. The best surgical procedure for you, the operative effort, the precautions and the aftercare will be discussed with you in detail. Following a consultation, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed offer that is tailored to your needs. You will find a guideline on our cost page.

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