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Liposuction: With liposuction against pounds

Fettabsaugung: Oberbauch und Unterbauch

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Body fat (body mass index: BMI) and its distribution (waist-hip ratio, hourglass silhouette) play a decisive role in assessing attractiveness. In men, subcutaneous fat tissue accounts for fifteen to twenty percent of body weight, while in women, subcutaneous fat tissue can account for between twenty and twenty-five percent of total body weight.

For both men and women, a well-toned belly is a sign of fitness and health. It certainly sounds familiar, sports and diet are not always enough to achieve the desired figure. The body’s fat cells differ according to age, gender, disposition and body region. In the course of life, the number and size of fat cells change. Certain fat deposits at the waist, hips, loins and abdomen react differently to changes in lifestyle. Fat deposits are therefore more difficult to lose in certain areas – both in men and women.

Vorher-Nachher-Zeichnung einer Fettabsaugung

Vorher-Nachher-Zeichnung einer Fettabsaugung an Bauch und Schamhügel. Die vergleichende Darstellung der Konturveränderungen vor und nach einer Behandlung dient der Aufklärung und Information über Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Schönheitschirurgie. Die Skizzen entsprechen vereinfachten durchschnittlichen Behandlungsergebnissen.

Bekämpfen Sie Ihre Problemzonen! Mit Schönheits-OP zu einem neuen Körpergefühl

Aesthetic surgery has become safer due to medical progress. Many factors have contributed to this: a better understanding of the anatomy, specific treatments, high-resolution examination procedures, gentle (minimally invasive) surgical methods, modern anesthesia procedures, and anticipatory preparation and follow-up of the procedure. From year to year there is an increasing demand for cosmetic surgery. Liposuction and tummy tucks represent approximately one quarter of all cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide.

Fettabsaugung in Saarbrücken: Deshalb sind wir Ihr bester Partner

Abdominoplasty requires precise knowledge of the anatomy of the abdominal wall. The abdominal wall can be divided into five different layers: the skin, the superficial fat tissue, the superficial connective tissue layer (Scarpa fascia), the deep fat tissue and the deep connective tissue layer above the abdominal muscles.

Your fat layers change over time

With age or weight gain, the deep fat layer in particular increases in size. The deep fat layer is less sensitive to certain hormones (stress hormones and metabolic hormones). Excess fatty tissue on the abdomen can be accompanied by cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. A weight regulation leads to an improvement of the metabolism. Problem zones at the hips, waist, stomach or loins can remain and be stressful. Strong weight loss and successive pregnancies can lead to sagging of the skin, weakness of the abdominal wall or stretch marks.

For an aesthetically pleasing treatment result, the shape of the abdomen, the proportions and the quality of the skin must all be taken into consideration. Therefore, creating a treatment plan for you requires a thorough examination. Abdominal liposuction is an effective technique for improving contours, alone or in combination with other treatments.

7 facts about liposuction on the abdomen: what you should know

OP duration 1h
Anesthesia General anesthesia / Twilight sleep / Fast recovery surgery
Clinic stay Outpatient
Costs To the price calculator
Aftercare 6 weeks
Thread tension after 10-14 days
Fit for society after 5-7 days
Supplements or alternatives Abdominoplasty / liposuction of the legs

Liposuction on the abdomen: choose your appropriate method

Weiterführende Informationen zu den verschiedenen Techniken und Methoden zur Fettabsaugung am Bauch finden Sie auf unserer Seite Fettabsaugung FAQ.

Liposuction of the abdomen is also possible without surgery

Losing fat deposits increases your well-being and attractiveness. Reducing fat mass in the body is an important step towards a healthier life. New technology and increased research efforts are leading to new non-invasive procedures.

Compared to surgery, non-invasive technology features shorter recovery and fewer risks. However, severe complications after liposuction affect less than one percent of patients. Being overweight, having heart, lung or metabolic diseases, smoking cigarettes and using hormonal contraception are all health risks for you. These risks affect surgery. Local anesthetics, well-tolerated painkillers, a relaxed atmosphere and mental distraction are used to treat and prevent pain in you. Under proactive follow-up treatment, the swelling and bruises have clearly subsided within one to two weeks after liposuction. In the meantime, there are many alternatives to surgery:

  • Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting®)
  • Ultrasound (Liposonix®)
  • electromagnetic impulses (Emsculpt®)
  • Radio frequency (Thermage®)
  • Laser lipolysis (SculpSure®)
  • apical syringe

The effectiveness of these techniques cannot be compared to liposuction. The effect is limited to the fat tissue immediately below the skin. The superiority of one of these methods could not be proven so far. More details about these procedures can be found on the Liposuction FAQ page.

What are the different methods of abdominal liposuction?

For more information on the various techniques and methods of liposuction on the abdomen, please visit our Liposuction FAQ page.

Liposuction on the abdomen versus fat-away injection: Which suits me better?

A fat way injection cannot replace liposuction. Repeated treatment with a fat removal injection reduces circumscribed fat deposits (e.g. a double chin) to a slight to moderate degree. It is estimated that liposuction can remove fifty times the amount of fat tissue per procedure. You can learn more about this on our Fat Away Injection page.

Your advantages of liposuction on the abdomen

  • Both the deep-seated and superficial layers of fat tissue are effectively reduced by abdominal liposuction.
  • Abdominal liposuction can be performed in a painless twilight sleep.
  • As a rule, patients can go home four to six hours after abdominal liposuction.
  • Liposuction can eliminate the abnormality from which one suffers and increase self-esteem.
  • Liposuction leads to a higher satisfaction with the external appearance and a better quality of life.
  • Studies suggest that liposuction positively influences the health consequences of overweight (Sailon AM, et al. Ann Plast Surg. 2017).

Features of liposuction on the abdomen in women

Liposuction can help you achieve a more accentuated waistline. The aim of liposuction in women is a tight abdomen. Newer techniques can achieve more. High Definition Liposculpture (HDL) refines the contours. A deepening in the vertical abdominal centre line above the navel (champagne channel) as well as laterally of the straight abdominal muscles (in Latin “Linea semilunaris”) is emphasized. In order to maintain harmonious proportions, your mons pubis should be taken into account during liposuction. In order to improve the skin tone and to treat pregnancies, a microneedling (Dermaroller ®) treatment can also be performed.

Features of liposuction on the abdomen for men

In the last decade, there has been an increasing demand for the removal of fat deposits in men. Abdominal liposuction is the most common procedure for men. The demands have increased with the development of ever better techniques. Thanks to vibration liposuction and the SAFELipo, finer contouring is possible. The aim is to restore an athletic and attractive abdominal contour. A six-pack or washboard stomach is created by the horizontal subdivisions of the straight abdominal muscles. On the sides, the so-called V-bar rounds off the image of a well-trained abdomen. A special technique of liposuction (High Definition Liposculpture, HDL) can reveal the abdominal muscles. In this procedure, the deep fat tissue is first thinned out. The natural contours of the muscles are then accentuated by further thinning of the superficial fat tissue. The technique requires precise planning and a great deal of sensitivity.

Get advice and achieve your dream body!

Experiences after abdominal liposuction in the CenterPlast joint practice

At CenterPlast Saarbrücken, the specialists systematically review your treatment success. The complete documentation serves the continuous improvement of our services. Your satisfaction with the appearance is evaluated before and after the treatment. Quality assurance is an everyday practice for us. Many patients agree to share their experience to help you make the right decision. During a consultation, we will help you connect with other patients. The satisfaction of our patients is the yardstick for the quality of our work. We therefore welcome the evaluation of our patients on publicly accessible evaluation portals. Allow other patients to gain insight through your testimonial.

Before and after pictures of liposuction on the abdomen is not legally allowed

According to the Heilmittelwerbegesetz § 1 Absatz 1 Nr. 2 before and after pictures may not be shown on the Internet. In the opinion of the legislator, the comparative presentation of the appearance before and after liposuction is inappropriately influential advertising. The evaluation of before/after images on the Internet does indeed require some caution. The impression of an image is influenced by the camera setting, perspective, cropping, background and lighting. Makeup or manipulated images can simulate results. The plastic and aesthetic surgeons at CenterPlast document the results under uniform conditions. In the course of an informative discussion, the doctors will be happy to show you before/after images in order to show you the possibilities and limits of cosmetic surgery.

Comprehensive specialist education and information is impossible without a comparative presentation. In order to comply with the duty to provide information pursuant to Section 630e para. 3 BGB, we therefore use simplified sketches of realistic treatment processes. Where possible, we explain the disadvantages and risks of an intervention with the greatest care and to the best of our knowledge and belief, with reference to scientifically based findings.

Your questions answered by us: Frequently asked questions and answers

Which people have the best conditions for abdominal liposuction?

In both women and men, an annoying excess of fat can develop on the abdomen, waist or hips due to genetic factors. Liposuction leads to higher satisfaction, improves well-being and quality of life.

However, certain conditions have to be taken into account.

Patients who are in good health have the best conditions. Smoking a tobacco cigarette or e-cigarette reduces the blood circulation in the tissue for half an hour. This increases the risk of wound healing disorders, inflammations, thromboses and embolisms.

Your body mass index should ideally be below 30. If there is an excess of skin, a weakness of the abdominal wall (rectus diastasis) or an abdominal wall fracture, additional treatment procedures should be planned.

Does health insurance pay for abdominal liposuction?

Health insurance companies do not cover treatments to improve appearance. The technique of liposuction on the abdomen is not included in the catalogue of services provided by health insurance companies.

Only in rare cases, in which a so-called “pathological disfigurement” is present, is an application for reimbursement reasonable.

Generally, this is categorized as when sagging skin hangs over the pubic area after massive weight loss. In such cases, the insured person can apply to his or her health insurance company for the costs of removing the fat apron to be covered.

How much does a liposuction on the abdomen cost in Saarbrücken?

Try our interactive price calculator now to calculate the cost of liposuction on the abdomen in just a few clicks.

When do you see the result after a liposuction on the abdomen?

The result of liposuction becomes more visible every day. The slimmer figure is covered by the swelling for the first ten days. The new body contours become clearer from week to week. After four weeks the result is visible.

The abdomen may feel somewhat hardened and the skin surface somewhat numb. In the third month, these sensations are usually completely regressed.

The swelling, which can fluctuate during the day, is then minimal. 4 months after surgery, the final result can be seen in about 95% of patients.

How long can swelling be seen on the abdomen after liposuction?

A certain amount of swelling is unavoidable in the first few days after the operation. The injected fluid (tumescent solution) serves to prevent bruising. A large part of the fluid is sucked off during the operation. A small part is absorbed by the bandages.

The rest of the fluid is excreted by the body via the kidneys in the hours following the operation. This phase of wound healing lasts one to two weeks.

The swelling then subsides considerably. The compression wash reduces the swelling. In the case of severe swelling despite compression garments, lymphatic drainage should be started early.

Are the scars visible on the abdomen after liposuction?

The fine cannulas for liposuction are inserted through two to three millimetre incisions. The incisions lie in the wrinkle lines of the skin and are hardly visible.

Two tiny scars are located in the area of the groin so that they can also be hidden under a swimsuit.

A scar disappears deep inside the navel. The gentle atraumatic and careful treatment of the tissue ensures inconspicuous scar healing.

The fine suture material ensures a fine scar in the form of a line. So that even the smallest scar does not give the impression of a planned operation, the skin incisions on the right and left half of the body are made in different places.

Can liposuction be combined on the stomach, legs and buttocks?

External characteristics that determine the attractiveness of women are manifold and complex. Numerous scientific studies have shown that a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is an important beauty feature in women.

A waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 for women is considered particularly attractive by both men and women.

The evaluation is instinctive and takes only fractions of a second [2] . The treatment of different body regions can be useful for maintaining or restoring beautiful proportions. Liposuction of the abdomen, legs and bottom is possible in one procedure.

The total amount of fat tissue removed should be moderate in order not to increase the risk of the operation. The upper limit varies from person to person and depends on your body weight, health and lifestyle. In individual cases, liposuction in several procedures is the safer way to an optimal result.

Can abdominal liposuction be combined with abdominoplasty?

The Brazilian plastic surgeon Juarez Avelar first combined liposuction with abdominoplasty in 1985. After him, the Brazilian Oswaldo Saldanha further refined the method.

The combination of the two methods is considered safe and provides excellent aesthetic results. A more beautiful waist is achieved. The tightening can be carried out more effectively. This makes it easier to hide the scar. The contours can be corrected more precisely.

Details such as a champagne channel and a natural depression at the side of the straight abdominal muscles (in Latin “Linea semilunaris”) can be emphasized. At the same time, the proportions of the Venus Hill can be adapted to the slimmer waist.

Can I become pregnant after a liposuction on my stomach?
There are no reports of negative effects of abdominal liposuction on later pregnancies. The reduction in fat tissue caused by abdominal liposuction is not affected by pregnancy and childbirth with normal weight gain and proper nutrition.

What are the special features of abdominal liposuction after pregnancy?

Many women wish to have their physical changes corrected after pregnancy. The abdomen and breasts change the most after pregnancy.

After multiple pregnancies or after late pregnancies, these changes often do not regress on their own.

Excess skin around the navel, on the hips or above a caesarean section scar can be noticeable. There can be several reasons for a change in the waist circumference. There may be an increase in fatty tissue in the abdominal wall or in fatty tissue in the abdomen.

Pregnancy can weaken the connective tissue between the straight abdominal muscles. The navel may bulge outwards. The elasticity of the skin can be reduced by the formation of stretch marks.

Liposuction effectively reduces the fatty tissue of the abdominal wall, the hips and the mons veneris. A weakness of the abdominal wall (rectus diastasis) is treated as part of an abdominoplasty. Excess skin is treated with a miniabdominoplasty or an abdominoplasty. Stretch marks can be effectively improved by a microneedling.

Several procedures can be safely and effectively combined to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.

How can you prepare for liposuction of the abdomen in Saarbrücken?
Liposuction should be performed when you have reached your desired weight. We have summarized many important tips for preparing for liposuction on the abdomen on the Liposuction FAQ page for you.

What can you expect during a consultation about abdominal liposuction in Saarbrücken?

Dr. Santos Stahl or private lecturer Dr. Stahl will discuss your individual needs during the initial consultation. During a consultation, the surgeons take the time you need. It is very important to talk openly about the problem areas that disturb them. General information such as height, weight, weight loss, pregnancy are also important for optimal consultation.

Medications and dietary supplements can affect blood thinning or the metabolism of narcotics. In order to advise you about possible risks, circumstances such as cigarette smoking or elevated blood sugar levels are asked. The surgeon will examine your contour and palpate your abdomen.

Weakness of the abdominal wall (rectus diastasis), excess skin or abdominal hernias may require other surgical procedures. Fat deposits on the hips (riding breeches) or pubic bone should not be ignored for a harmonious result.

Reduced skin elasticity or stretch marks can be treated additionally. Finally, the waist circumference and the hip circumference are measured. The findings are carefully documented.

It is very important to discuss your expectations openly with your surgeon. Often a poorly informed patient or surgeon is the cause of an unsatisfactory result, even if there are no complications during the operation. The individual steps of the treatment and the costs will be explained to you in a transparent and comprehensible way.

Before an operation, further examinations may be necessary (e.g. blood test or ultrasound examination). We look forward to a consultation appointment.

What do you have to consider after a liposuction on the abdomen in Saarbrücken?

  • Moderate exercise immediately after the operation is beneficial for recovery.
  • Immediately after the operation, we agree with you on regular checks on your well-being.
  • As a rule, you can go back to your usual daily activities after five to seven days.
  • The skin threads are removed after about ten days.
  • Previously fitted compression corsets and stockings should be worn continuously for three weeks.
  • If in rare cases there is still a noticeable swelling after the second week, lymphatic drainage is started.
  • Tips on scar care, advice on resuming sporting activities, etc. can be found on the Liposuction FAQ page.

When can I shower on my stomach after liposuction?
Many patients and doctors believe that a shower before wound healing is complete is dangerous. Wounds are usually dressed and protected from moisture until the skin threads are removed. However, numerous studies have shown that showering does not increase the risk of inflammation. Showering with tap water helps to clean a wound after an operation. Daily showering is very important for personal hygiene and well-being. On the basis of scientific knowledge and our many years of experience, we recommend showering with tap water on the third day after the operation, without soaking or rubbing the wounds. After the shower, dry the wounds with a clean towel or with cool air from a hair dryer.

Will I have pain on my stomach after liposuction?

CenterPlast surgeons prevent possible pain with numerous measures. Even small details like listening to music help you relax. You will be given painkilling medication, which will at the same time relieve your anxiety.

A long-acting local anesthetic ensures that you do not feel any pain even after the surgery. As a preventive measure, you will be given well-tolerated pain medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

In addition, you can put on CenterPlast virtual reality goggles during surgery and watch movies or your favorite shows, which distract you and have been shown to reduce pain sensitivity.

Of course, we will also provide you with the necessary pain medication for home.

No pain medication is needed after one week at the latest. You can also find more information on this topic on the Liposuction FAQ page.

Is there any fatty tissue in the abdomen?

The body fat tissue can be divided into the fat tissue under the skin and the fat tissue around the internal organs within the abdominal cavity.

The fatty tissue under the skin consists of two layers – superficial and deep fatty tissue.

A layer of connective tissue called Scarpa Faszie separates these two layers. The shape, structure and metabolic properties of fatty tissue differ in the respective regions. Women of childbearing age have less fatty tissue in the abdominal cavity. Fatty tissue accumulates mainly on the buttocks and thighs.

After menopause, the fatty tissue in the abdominal cavity increases. In men, fat accumulates under the abdominal skin and in the abdominal cavity. An increase in fat tissue in the abdominal cavity increases the risk of diabetes, heart attacks and calcification of the blood vessels. Liposuction can remove excess fatty tissue under the skin. However, the fatty tissue in the abdominal cavity can only be reduced by lifestyle changes, good eating habits and physical activity.

How much can you liposuction on the abdomen?
How much fat can be suctioned from the abdomen varies from patient to patient. The exact amount will be determined during the physical examination in the personal consultation. See our Liposuction FAQ page to learn more about the topic.
Wie oft ist eine Fettabsaugung am Bauch möglich?

Eine Fettabsaugung am Bauch kann durchaus mehrmals wiederholt werden. Bei einer gesunden Ernährung und regelmäßigem Sport ist das jedoch nicht notwendig. Eine Absaugung moderater Mengen Fett (hundert Milliliter pro Einheit des Body-Mass-Index) hilft die Operationsrisiken gering zu halten.

Bei einem großen Bauch kann eine Fettabsaugung in mehreren Schritten geplant werden, insbesondere wenn eine Bauchdeckenstraffung erforderlich ist. Korrekturen nach einer Fettabsaugung sollten erst durchgeführt werden, wenn das endgültige Ergebnis nach sechs Monaten sichtbar ist.

Can liposuction on the abdomen be performed with autologous fat?

The adipose tissue is a highly complex tissue. It consists of fat cells, connective tissue cells, phagocytes, white blood cells and stem cells. Stem cells have the unique property of being able to develop into different body cells (for example muscle or skin cells). Approximately five hundred times more stem cells can be obtained from adipose tissue than from bone marrow [3] .

The importance of stem cells for regenerative medicine and anti-aging treatment has been known since 2006. In the months following autologous fat treatment, the quality of the skin improves. The skin pores become finer, the skin wrinkles are reduced, the skin color becomes more uniform [4] .

Own fat is also successfully used for scar treatment. The autologous fat is immediately available during liposuction. Allergic reactions are excluded. It is therefore obvious to make use of the many positive properties of the patient’s own fat during liposuction.

An own fat treatment of the buttocks or the breasts is possible without any problems on the occasion of a liposuction of the abdomen. Injection of wrinkles as well as lip augmentation can be performed as part of liposuction.

How often is liposuction on the abdomen possible?

Abdominal surgery using the keyhole technique or a large incision, as well as a C-section, can leave unsightly scars on the abdominal wall. Before abdominal liposuction, the scars must be critically examined to rule out scar hernia.

Incorporated scars can be corrected during liposuction. A complementary autologous fat treatment can positively influence the shape and elasticity of the scar. Larger scars, especially below the belly button, can be removed by an abdominoplasty. Studies show that tummy tucks and liposuction can be performed safely for abdominal scars.

Can you expect a six-pack after abdominal liposuction?

A special liposuction technique can be used to emphasize the appearance of the abdominal muscles. High definition liposculpture” is a widely used technique in the USA and Brazil. CenterPlast Saarbrücken is one of the few specialized centers in Germany to offer this technique. Athletic contours of the abdominal muscles can thus be emphasized in men and women. The technique is suitable for patients up to the age of fifty who have a moderate excess of fat. The body mass index should be below 26 for women and below 28 for men. For a good result, the skin should have a good elasticity.

What are the risks of abdominal liposuction?
The surgery is considered one of the safest, provided that certain safety measures are taken into account. Serious complications are often reported in the media. These are usually also related to the suction of larger amounts of fatty tissue. Unfortunately, liposuction is also offered by doctors without any surgical training. However, plastic surgeons are actually the only group of specialists who learn liposuction as part of their training.
To avoid complications, the CenterPlast:

  • competent advice from experienced specialists in the selection of the appropriate treatment,
  • the treatment by first-class trained specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery,
  • supervision and accompaniment by experienced anaesthesiologists,
  • atraumatic surgical procedures and a delicate surgical technique.

Suctioning large amounts of fatty tissue, especially in the area of the lower abdomen, may cause you to accumulate wound water (seromas). This is treated by puncture under ultrasound control. The risk is higher in patients with a high body mass index and in ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Wound water can accumulate on the abdomen in the first week or three to four weeks after liposuction.
CenterPlast specialists prevent the accumulation of wound water through several measures, which you can read about on our Liposuction FAQ page.
There may be other complications associated with liposuction. Patients with pre-existing conditions or unhealthy lifestyles (smoking, etc.) are more at risk in this regard. However, CenterPlast determines all relevant points in the consultation and advises you in detail. With careful selection of the treatment method and a gentle surgical technique, the overall complications are unlikely.
CenterPlast specialists also take a number of measures to minimize your risk of bacterial infection. For more details on all procedures, please visit our Liposuction FAQ page.

Which people have the best conditions for abdominal liposuction?
Liposuktion Bauch Saarbrücken

In both women and men, an annoying excess of fat can develop on the abdomen, waist or hips due to genetic factors. Liposuction leads to higher satisfaction, improves well-being and quality of life. However, certain conditions have to be taken into account. Patients who are in good health have the best conditions. Smoking a tobacco cigarette or e-cigarette reduces the blood circulation in the tissue for half an hour. This increases the risk of wound healing disorders, inflammations, thromboses and embolisms. Your body mass index should ideally be below 30. If there is an excess of skin, a weakness of the abdominal wall (rectus diastasis) or an abdominal wall fracture, additional treatment procedures should be planned.

The author

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Dr. med. Stéphane Stahl

“We provide you with extensive expert knowledge so that we can work with you to select the best possible treatment path.”

Dr. med. Stéphane steel is the former director of the Clinic for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery / Hand Surgery at the Lüdenscheid Clinic. Dr. Stahl studied medicine at the Universities of Freiburg and Berlin. In 2011 he passed the European and 2012 the German specialist examination for plastic and aesthetic surgery. Further specialist qualifications and additional qualifications followed (including quality management, medical didactics, physical therapy, emergency medicine, laser protection officers, hand surgery) as well as prizes and awards. In 2015 he completed his habilitation in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Tübingen. He is an experienced microsurgeon, a sought-after expert and a regular speaker at specialist congresses. After a multi-stage selection process, Stéphane Stahl became a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), one of the world’s largest and most influential specialist societies for aesthetic surgery. His authorship includes numerous articles in respected peer review journals and standard surgical textbooks.


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