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Abdominoplasty in Saarbrücken

A tummy tuck or “abdominoplasty” is a surgical technique used to remove excess skin from the abdomen. In Germany, this operation was performed over 24,000 times in 2019 (924,000 times worldwide) [1]. Operations to beautify the abdominal contour were first described in 1890 [2] and have been continuously developed since then.

Methods of abdominoplasty

Depending on your needs, the tummy tuck can be combined with liposuction, for example on the abdomen or waist. If after pregnancy the straight abdominal muscles have moved apart, it is possible to bring the abdominal muscles back to their original position during the tummy tuck. There are essentially three
Types of abdominoplasty distinguished:

  • Abdominoplasty (also called abdominoplasty, upper abdominoplasty, complete abdominoplasty or major abdominoplasty): During the surgical procedure, the skin between the lower edge of the costal arch and the mons pubis is tightened. The excess skin between the navel and the mons pubis is removed. At the same time, the large tummy tuck also removes stretch marks from the lower part of the abdomen. The skin between the ribs and the belly button is loosened and moved downwards. During this classic tummy tuck, the skin in the bikini area is closed, leaving a fine and inconspicuous horizontal scar. The belly button itself is not actually moved by the cosmetic surgery doctor. Rather, the belly button is given an opening in the skin mantle that is tightened above it. After all, the fine scar around the belly button is barely visible.
  • Lower abdominoplasty (also called mini-abdominoplasty or small abdominoplasty): In this lower abdominoplasty surgical method, the area between the belly button and the mons pubis is tightened. The wrinkled skin is removed in a spindle shape during the mini tummy tuck. After the wound has been closed, a later scar remains from the mini tummy tuck, which can be compared to a very fine caesarean section scar. It’s a minor procedure in comparison.
  • Tummy tuck in T-cut technique (also called Fleur de Lis tummy tuck): The surgical technique is suitable for beautifying the silhouette in case of a hanging belly, also called fat apron. This plastic aesthetic procedure allows tightening the skin on the abdomen in two directions: Horizontal and vertical. The advantage is that this method is very effective in tightening the skin and contouring the waist. In addition, stretch marks and any scars from previous surgeries are removed along with the excess skin. The disadvantage of the Fleur de Lis technique is that a vertical scar remains in the middle of the abdomen.

Abdominoplasty facts

OP duration 2-3h
Anesthesia General anesthesia / twilight sleep / rapid recovery
Hospital stay Outpatient
Costs to the price calculator
Aftercare 6 weeks
Thread Traction Self-dissolving threads
Socially acceptable after 2 weeks
Supplements or alternatives Abdominal liposuction

Procedure of the operation: How is an abdominoplasty performed?

  • As a rule, the skin on the lower abdomen is sutured with self-dissolving skin sutures, except for the belly button.
  • Depending on the findings, drainage tubes are inserted into the wound, which can be removed again after a short period of time.
  • The surgery time for an abdominoplasty is two to three hours, depending on the extent of the procedure.
1. saw muscle 2. external oblique abdominal muscle (musculus obliquus externus abdominis) 3. belly button 4. spinal nerves (nervi spinalis) 5. internal oblique abdominal muscle (musculus obliquus internus abdominis) 6. straight abdominal muscle (musculus rectus abdominis) Straight abdominal muscle (Musculus rectus abdominis) 7. divergence of the straight abdominal muscles (rectus diastasis) 8. transverse abdominal muscle (Musculus transversus abdominis) 9. v-groin 10 . mons pubis

When performing surgery on the abdominal wall, fat deposits and sagging skin must be considered equally. Furthermore, a natural alignment of the straight abdominal muscles can be restored. The contours of the abdominal wall should harmonize with the waist and mons veneris. Certain areas can be emphasized in a special way. Knowledge of the nerve courses is important for surgical treatment and for pain elimination during surgery.

An almost invisible scar after a tummy tuck, how does that work?

We pay special attention to an inconspicuous scar after abdominoplasty. With special precautions, certain technical refinements and regular aftercare, all the conditions for optimal healing are met so that hardly any visible scars remain:

  1. We take care to keep a fine line-shaped scar hidden within the bikini line.
  2. Thanks to a special suture technique (gathered suture), the scar is several centimetres shorter than in conventional abdominoplasty.
  3. A special suturing technique distributes the tension to the inner connective tissue and closes the skin without any tension.
  4. A simultaneous liposuction not only helps to achieve more beautiful contours, it also reduces tension and protects the skin’s blood circulation – two important prerequisites for good healing.
  5. We suture the wound with very fine sutures in the area of the subcutaneous tissue so as not to damage the skin surface.
  6. With microsurgical precision and optical magnification, the skin layers are aligned very precisely.
  7. The formation of an elongated navel a few millimeters deep leaves a scar in the navel that is barely visible.
  8. We inform and advise our patients when and how you can best support scar healing and what you should pay attention to.

Abdominoplasty for men

Tummy tuck is the fourth most common cosmetic surgery in the U.S. for both women and men [3]. When men lose a lot of weight, skin folds often remain at the waistband. The disturbing wrinkles can be removed by an abdominoplasty. Many at the same time want to get rid of fat deposits on the flanks. For a slim athletic waist, liposuction of the problem areas is performed before the lift. The fine scars are located below the waistband and can also be hidden in a bathing suit.

Before and after pictures of an abdominoplasty

It is not legal to post before and after pictures of cosmetic surgery online. Accordingly, this also applies to the topic of abdominoplasty. However, it goes without saying that when choosing a doctor in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, patients want to be assured of good results beforehand. During the first consultation, you can view appropriately selected before and after photos without personal data. Care is taken to ensure that the initial situation and the desired result of the exemplary photographs also correspond to your personal situation and your objectives. In close consultation with the patient, a realistic and beautiful result can be planned together.

Financing an abdominoplasty

You have already determined the price of the tummy tuck and would like to have the cosmetic surgery financed? We enlighten you on our page on the subject of credit for cosmetic surgery about all the points on this and give you even further tips. Of course, we will also be happy to advise you on the subject of financing your tummy tuck at CenterPlast in our consultation hours.

The experiences of our patients after an abdominoplasty

Many patients who have undergone tummy tucks at CenterPlast because of their desire for a flatter stomach have agreed to share their experiences with other patients. You can find testimonials and patient testimonials about their tummy tucks on popular medical review portals as well as Google reviews.

Check out our testimonials page to make sure you’re with the right doctor for your tummy tuck. There you will find bundled reviews, detailed reports as well as further information.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Brazilian tummy tuck technique?

A slim waist is generally perceived as particularly attractive [4]. In countries with tropical weather like Brazil, unflattering body contours cannot be concealed under several layers of clothing. These circumstances, coupled with the skill and creativity of Brazilian surgeons, may provide an explanation as to why most tummy tuck techniques have been described by Brazilian plastic surgeons:

Saldanha Oswaldo Ribeiro has disseminated a technique that contours the waist through extensive liposuction, especially in areas where fat cannot be trained away. Another representative of plastic surgery from Brazil, Avelar Juarez Moraes has described several scar-saving techniques for a taut abdomen to leave very inconspicuous scars that can be easily hidden in the bikini area. Ricardo Baroudi has developed a special suturing technique to reduce complications (accumulation of wound water, wide scars).

A special focus of Brazilian plastic surgeons is the harmonious alignment of the adjacent region of the body, for example through a tightening of the mons veneris or an autologous fat treatment of the breast, for an optimal final result.

The author

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