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Bullhorn Lip Lift

Bullhorn Lip Lift

A Bullhorn Lip Lift can give you a full and beautiful upper lip permanently. Find out more about the low-risk lip lift method for upper lip enhancement here. More about

Bullhorn lift
Corner Mouth Lift

Corner Mouth Lift

Drooping, sunken corners of the mouth can be lifted either by targeted injections with fillers or by mouth corner surgery. More about the

Filler treatments

Lip Enhancement (V-Y Plasty)

Lip Enhancement (V-Y Plasty)

You want bigger upper lip? Our experienced plastic aesthetic surgeons increase the volume of the upper lip as part of a low-risk VY plasty. More about the

VY plastic

Lip injections with filler

Lip injections with filler

Fuller lips with the help of lip injections: How is lip correction performed with hyaluron or autologous fat fillers? >More about the

Lip injection with filler
  FAQ - Lip correction

FAQ – Lip correction

Frequently asked questions and answers about the different methods of lip correction for beautiful and symmetrical lips.

FAQs for Lip Correction & Lip Augmentation

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