Microneedling for firmer skin

Both the microneedling leads to a firmer, more elastic skin and a finer skin relief. Under local anaesthesia, the finest needles are used to create micro injuries to the skin, which stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms. It uses the effect that tiny injuries stimulate the skin to intensify regeneration. This can be used to treat wrinkles and scars. The stitches inserted through the many micro-needles are only one to three millimetres deep, which is just enough to stimulate the skin cells to form new collagen. This makes the skin look fresher and younger after some time. Scars become more inconspicuous and softer. Creams containing vitamin A and C as well as any other preparations used in connection with medical needling support the success of the treatment.

What is a microneedling?

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Surgical needling has a greater penetration depth than medical needling. The therapy is therefore more effective and does not need to be repeated as often.

In contrast to dermabrasion, no healthy skin layers are removed. Unlike conventional laser treatments, the natural skin pigments are not damaged. The medical or surgical needling leads to an accumulation of cells in the epidermis, a more even structure of the subcutaneous tissue, a transformation of the collagen and a production of certain growth factors.

The treatment is particularly successful for large-pored skin and fine wrinkles around the mouth. Scars and stretch marks also become less noticeable after the treatment. The result is visible after about three months, as the collagen transformation takes time. A four-week pre-treatment and after-treatment with a cream containing vitamin A and vitamin C increases the effect.

Microneedling facts

How can you prepare for the microneedling?

  • All your questions about possible complications and alternative treatments should be answered in advance.
  • Keep nicotine and alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • A four-week pre-treatment with a cream containing vitamin A and vitamin C is beneficial.
  • Blood-thinning medication (e.g. ASS, Thomapyrin®) must be discontinued at least ten days before the operation after consultation with your doctor.
  • Vitamin preparations (A, E) and dietary supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, St. John’s wort preparations, etc.) should be discontinued four weeks before treatment.
  • If you suffer from cold sores (herpes), you should tell them so that they can be prevented.

How is a microneedling performed?

A complete facial treatment takes about 45 minutes.

The treatment of a body region can be carried out under local anaesthesia and twilight sleep.

Due to the greater depth of penetration than with medical needling, general anesthesia is recommended for the treatment of several body regions.

What do you have to consider after the microneedling?

  • After the operation, the skin is kept moist with a bandage to prevent crust formation.
  • Skin oil containing vitamin A, C and E should be applied three times a day in the first week, then twice a day.
  • Showering is already possible on the first postoperative day.
  • This is followed by regular checks of your well-being and the results of the operation.
  • Swelling and reddening of the skin must be expected in the first seven days. Usually you can go back to work after seven days.
  • It is important not to cover the redness in the first week with make-up so that make-up particles do not lead to a so-called scar tattoo.
  • Excessive UV radiation is not recommended for at least. 3 months.


Sun exposure, stress, unhealthy diet, smoking and the natural aging process are just some of the factors responsible for the loss of elasticity and the decrease in the collagen fiber count of the skin. The result is flabby, thin and coarse-pored skin. Surgical needling stimulates the body’s own collagen synthesis as well as the blood circulation of the skin by micro-stitches in the skin. This leads to a significantly better and rejuvenated skin appearance with thicker and firmer skin and reduced pore size.

Stretch mark treatment


Microneedling – what you need to know

  • Duration of treatment: approx. 1 hour
  • Stay in the clinic: 2-3 hours
  • Anaesthesia: sedation or local anaesthesia
  • Follow-up treatment: cooling for 24 hrs and skin care for 4 weeks
  • Fit for socializing: after approx. 5 days


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