Nanofat treatment / Microfat treatment

Since 2001, it has been known that body adipose tissue contains many stem cells (Zuk PA et al, 2001, Tissue Eng). For autologous fat treatment for breast or buttock augmentation, cannulas of about two millimeters in diameter are used (unit of measurement 14 gauge). Microfat treatment uses cannulas with an outer diameter of approximately 0.6 millimeters (23 gauge). Nanofat treatment uses cannulas with an outer diameter of 0.4 millimeters (27 gauge).

Application area:

Nanofat treatment is used to rejuvenate wrinkles of the upper lip, frown lines and sun-damaged skin of the décolleté. Nanofat can also be used to treat scars or correct dark circles under the eyes. To obtain nanofat, the adipose tissue is filtered several times.

The fat cells are destroyed by the filter, whereas the stem cells are preserved. The skin rejuvenating effect is due to the stem cells. The destroyed fat cells cause a release of growth factors, which supports the restoration of the tissue. Therefore, the effect of nanofat treatment usually occurs with a delay of four weeks to three months.


Micro fat treatment, nano fat, micro fat

Treatment options:

Fat Graft for Correction of Wrinkles

Fat Graft for Correction of Wrinkles

Do you already know the method of wrinkle injection with autologous fat? Learn more about this particularly low-risk type of wrinkle treatment. Here you can expect a very natural and long-lasting result.

Fat Graft for Correction of Wrinkles

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