Polymastia – excess breast tissue

Excess breast tissue is due to incomplete involution of the milk line in the unborn child in the womb. Due to hormonal influences during menstruation, pregnancy or breastfeeding, the additional (accessory) breasts may change in size and become painful.

Since it is normal breast tissue, all forms of breast disease can also occur in the supernumerary breast tissue. Excess breast tissue is most common on both sides and is often found near the axilla and pectoral muscle.

The excess breast tissue results in protrusion, cyclic pain, and sporadic painful limitation of arm movement. The discomfort can be resolved by using a scar sparing technique. In case of very large excess breasts, removal of the skin mantle should be considered, which may be accompanied by a scar of several centimeters.

Since pregnancy leads to an increase in excess breast tissue and a decrease in skin tone, it is recommended to remove the breast tissue before pregnancy.

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