Polythelie – supernumerary nipples

Surplus nipples can be traced back to an incomplete regression of the milk line in the unborn child in the womb.

They are found in two to three percent of newborns and can occur frequently in families. A connection with kidney malformation is controversially discussed. Supernumerary nipples usually occur on one side, occasionally with an areola and single hairs. The technical term for this is polythelia.

Where do the supernumerary nipples originate?

Surplus nipples usually occur in the immediate vicinity of the breast above the pectoral muscle or near the armpit, less frequently on the abdomen. After removal, the tissue is examined for fine tissue in order to obtain certainty about the benign findings.

Treatment options:

Accessory breasts

Accessory breasts

Excess breast tissue is called polymastia. This is a congenital breast malformation. A small supernumerary breast is present in the axilla, chest cavity or abdomen. The experienced plastic aesthetic surgeons here will enlighten you about the minor breast surgery procedure to remove the extra breast. Learn more now about

supernumerary breast tissue

What other treatments fit?


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