Underarm sweat / sweat in the armpit area

The armpit is provided with approximately eight hundred to one thousand sweat glands. The sweat glands are located immediately below the dermis. The sweat glands regulate body temperature, moisturize the skin and help fight off bacteria

In response to emotional stimuli or an increase in body temperature, the body’s sweat glands can produce five hundred to seven hundred and fifty milliliters of sweat daily. The sweat glands are stimulated by the autonomic sympathetic nervous system. The messenger substance acetylcholine transmits the impulses from the nerve fibers to the sweat glands.

The impulses come from a part of the diencephalon (hypothalamus). The nerve fibers of the axillary sweat glands exit the spinal cord between the third and sixth thoracic vertebrae. The pathologically increased sweat production is called hyperhidrosis.

Treatment options:

Sweat Gland Removal

Sweat Gland Removal

Excessive sweating (= hyperhidrosis) can be treated by sweat gland removal. Excessive sweating in the armpit area in particular causes a sometimes massive impairment of self-perception. We can provide relief or remedy. More about the

Sweat gland reduction

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