Labiaplasty Saarbrücken

Aesthetic intimate surgery in Saarbrücken

Factors such as age or childbirth can change the appearance of the external genital area and as a result significantly reduce the perception of one's own attractiveness and femininity. In addition to the impairment of one's own body sensation, pain or irritation can also occur. Intimate surgery - operations in the genital area - is no longer a taboo subject nowadays.

Nevertheless, the genital region of our body and intimate operations - whether for aesthetic or medical reasons - remain a very private matter. Genital aesthetic surgery must therefore ensure that patients feel comfortable even in the most intimate moments after the correction. They should therefore be performed by a specialist, as extensive experience is a prerequisite for an aesthetically and functionally optimal result. The team at CenterPlast attaches particular importance to professional and personal consultation in a trusting and discreet atmosphere. Our range of services includes the following procedures:

  • Labia augmentation
  • Labia reductions
  • Mons pubis corrections

Author's statement

Author: Stéphane Stahl, MD, PhD. There are no financial relationships with the pharmaceutical or medical device industries that could have influenced the above text. Any reproduction, even partial, is permitted for personal use only. All texts used on this website are protected by copyright.


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