Corner of the eye – synonyms & correction

On the eye, a distinction is made between the inner and outer corners of the eye. In the corners of the eye, the eyelid frenulum is anchored to the bone. The eyelid frenulum and the eyelid cartilage (lid plate, tarsus palpebrae) are the supporting framework of the eyelids. The lacrimal sac is located in the inner corner of the eye, immediately behind the frenulum of the eyelid. At the outer corner of the eye, the lid frenulum is attached to a bony prominence 1.5 millimeters behind the orbital rim (orbital tubercle, “Whitnall’s tubercle,” “lateral orbital tubercle”).


Angulus oculi medialis, Kanthus medialis, Commissura medialis palpebrarum, Angulus oculi lateralis, Kanthus lateralis, Commissura lateralis palpebrarum

Corrections to the lid bank possible with:

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