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The female breast is much more than just an organ for breastfeeding babies. The breast stands for sensuality and femininity. It conveys feelings of pleasure and is always at the center of social discussions, important historical events and the performing arts.

The malformation of a breast can be genetic or due to disease. During puberty, various breast malformations can often occur – but also, for example, with advancing age or after pregnancy.

Breast malformations can be a very heavy psychological burden for affected patients. However, there are usually no physical risks.

What our patients say

Frequent breast malformations

Tubular breasts

A tubular breast is often also referred to as a trunk breast or tube breast. This malformation can be treated with a safe operation. Our experienced plastic and aesthetic breast surgeons will be happy to inform you about your options.

Supernumerary nipples

If a third, supernumerary nipple is present, this is referred to as polythelia. Our plastic and aesthetic surgeons can correct this congenital anomaly in a minor procedure.

Surplus mammary gland tissue

Excess breast tissue is referred to as polymastia. This is a congenital breast malformation. There is a small supernumerary breast in the armpit, chest cavity or abdomen. Experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeons will inform you here about the minor breast surgery procedure to remove the extra breast.

Inverted nipples

Flat nipples can be corrected as part of a so-called inverted nipple operation.


Overgrown breasts, also known as funnel breasts, can be treated by so-called symmastia surgery. Find out everything you need to know about safe surgical correction by our experienced breast surgeon.

Your experts for breast correction

Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl
Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl
Dr. Stephane Stahl
PD. Dr. Stéphane Stahl

Breast characteristics determine attractiveness

Certain features of a breast look particularly attractive: a balanced and laterally equal height ratio between the upper and lower half of the breast, and a breast that protrudes when viewed from the side. The breasts develop in the unborn child in the womb as early as the fifth to seventh week on both sides of the body along the so-called milk line, which extends from the armpit to the groin. The milk line then recedes, except for the mammary gland above the pectoral muscle at the level of the third to fifth rib.

Growth & hormones influence growth and change the breast

Under the influence of hormones, the growth of mammary gland tissue begins between the ages of nine and thirteen. In order to 17. to The breast is fully grown by the age of 18. Breast malformations lead to a high level of suffering and significantly impair the quality of life. Those affected suffer from strong feelings of shame, excessive shyness and low sexual self-confidence.

The willingness to play sports, join clubs or take part in school activities is impaired. Rejection by peers on social media and even bullying are not uncommon. Surgery can significantly improve the shape and volume of a malformed breast and thus also the effects on mental health.

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