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What should I bear in mind with a caesarean section scar?

It usually takes days for a wound to heal. However, scar healing takes months. Your doctor’s instructions should be followed during the healing process to reduce the risk of disruption to healing.

Scarring is completed after nine to twelve months. In the first few months, scars are usually raised and reddened.

The healing process can be supported by massaging and applying silicone plasters until the scar has healed. Over time, the itching of the scar decreases. An initial feeling of numbness improves.

If a caesarean section scar heals unsightly, treatment may be advisable after a certain period of time.

What our patients say

How can you beautify a caesarean section scar?

Different complaints require different treatment options. A wide scar after a caesarean section can be removed. With plastic surgery techniques and a very carefully performed skin suture, a fine, inconspicuous scar remains. A correction can also beautify a crooked asymmetrical scar. Adhesions or retractions of the scar can be treated with an autologous fat treatment. Surgery on the scar is not always necessary. Bulging or proliferating scars can be treated with injections. Flat, hard scars become less noticeable after microneedling treatments.

When is it advisable to correct a caesarean section scar?

We do not recommend correcting or excising the scar until nine to twelve months after the birth. Injections with cortisone can be started after six months if the scars are very bulging.

Your experts for the correction of caesarean section scars

Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl
Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl
Dr. Stephane Stahl
PD. Dr. Stéphane Stahl

What treatment options are there for beautifying the lower abdomen?

The correction of a caesarean section scar is often carried out in conjunction with other aesthetic treatment methods. If the abdominal skin does not regress after pregnancy, the abdominal wall can be tightened. If there is only a small amount of excess skin, a mini tummy tuck can be performed together with the improvement of the caesarean section scar. Small fat deposits that do not disappear after pregnancy can be removed by liposuction. To restore a harmonious transition from the lower abdomen to the pubic area, a reduction of the mons veneris can be useful. A microneedling treatment improves the skin’s elasticity and fades stretch marks.

What does the treatment of a caesarean section scar cost?

Our cost page provides information on the prices of the various treatment options. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer after a consultation.

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