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The removal of frown lines, also known as a “mid-forehead lift”, is particularly suitable for a long forehead and deep frown lines. Let our experienced plastic surgery specialists in Saarbrücken advise you on your options!

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Operation duration

1 hour

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2 weeks

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Twilight sleep

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Thread tension

Self-dissolving threads

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Socially acceptable

after 2 weeks

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Muscle-relaxing active ingredients

Treatment with a muscle-relaxing substance is suitable for the:

  • Treatment of frown lines.
  • Elimination of thinker’s wrinkles.

Your forehead lift experts

Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl
Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl
Dr. Stephane Stahl
PD. Dr. Stéphane Stahl

Upper eyelid lift

With an upper eyelid lift, excess skin on the upper eyelid can be effectively removed through a barely visible incision in the upper eyelid crease.

Arcus marginalis release

This surgical technique can be performed in conjunction with a lower eyelid lift or via an incision in the conjunctiva. It is used to eliminate tear troughs.

The eyelash serum has been proven to lead to:

  • Thicker and longer eyelashes,
  • Thicker eyebrows.

The needling treatment is particularly effective after three repetitions to improve skin quality and achieve a slight tightening effect.

Frequently asked questions

All your questions about possible complications and alternative treatments to a forehead lift should be answered before the operation.

  • Limit nicotine and alcohol consumption to a minimum before the operation.
  • Discontinue blood-thinning medication such as ASA or Thomapyrin® in good time. You must stop taking it at least ten days before the forehead lift, of course in consultation with your doctor.
  • Discontinuation of vitamin preparations (A, E) and food supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, St. John’s wort preparations, etc.): At least four weeks before the operation.
  • Have ice cubes or cooling pads ready at home to cool the skin. So you can start immediately after the treatment.
  • Before undergoing plastic and aesthetic procedures such as a forehead lift, you should take out follow-up cost insurance.
  • Keeping the upper body elevated at approx. 30 degrees (even when sleeping) and cooling the eyes for 2 to 3 days is beneficial for reducing swelling and wound healing.
  • Showering is possible from the first postoperative day (immediately before the wound check).
  • This is followed by regular checks on your well-being and the results of the operation.
  • The skin sutures are removed approx. 5 to 6 days after the operation.
  • You can start working again after about two, better three weeks.
  • From the third week after the operation, massaging several times a day for a few minutes in a circular pattern and across and along the course of the scar with greasy creams such as Bepanthen® ointment or Linola® fat helps to make the scars less noticeable.
  • Bending down, lifting heavy loads, swimming, going to the sauna and sporting activities should be avoided for two weeks, possibly longer if there is still swelling.
  • Excessive UV radiation from sunbathing and tanning beds should be avoided for at least three months.

Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl has a unique international perspective with a female view of plastic surgery. Your individual and detailed approach is the key to the beautiful and natural results. Having trained in Brazil, one of the largest and best-known countries for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, she understands her patients’ desire to look and feel their best.

She completed her medical studies and training as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Brazil. In 2009, she also successfully passed the German equivalence examinations for the state medical examination.

Two years later, in 2011, she received the German and in 2012 the EU specialist certification (EBOPRAS) for plastic surgery. From 2009 to 2013, she deepened her knowledge of aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery with world-renowned representatives of plastic surgery such as Professor Gubisch at the Marienhospital and Madame Firmin in Paris.

A VDÄPC Fellowship (continuing scholarship for graduate students) in Switzerland, France and the USA has further enriched her professional experience. Dr. Santos Stahl is active in various renowned professional associations. In addition to the DGPRÄC and DGBT, she is also a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery – SBCP.

She is also the author of several scientific articles and, together with her husband, is dedicated to research and clinical studies in the field of plastic surgery.

She has been based in Saarbrücken since 2019.

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