Eye lashes – growth & transplantation

There are about 80 to 150 eyelashes along the eyelid. Eye lashes are five to fifteen millimeters long, with the lashes of the upper eyelid longer than those of the lower eyelid. Eye lashes protect the eye from dust particles and from dehydration. Long and curved eyelashes are a beauty ideal.

Can growth be supported?

Certain eyelash serums increase eyelash growth, including length, thickness and darkening of eyelashes.

Can eyelashes be transplanted?

Transplanting individual hair follicles from the eyebrows or legs can help create thicker and longer eyelashes.

Treatment options:

Lower lid tightening

Lower eyelid lift / tightening lower eyelid

Are you bothered by dark circles under your eyes or puffy bags under your eyes? With the help of a lower eyelid lift (= blepharoplasty), excess skin and tissue in the area of the lower eyelid is specifically removed. This will make your look fresh and awakened again. Our experienced plastic surgeon will educate you about your options. More about the

Lower lid tightening

Eyelid correction FAQ

FAQ – Eyelid correction

Frequently asked questions and answers about eyelid correction or blepharoplasty. Learn how to get rid of your dark circles, bags under your eyes and droopy eyelids so that you can have an awakened glow again.

Questions and answers about eyelid correction

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