Twilight sleep

Sedation or analgosedation takes away your anxiety, reduces your sensitivity to pain and makes you sleepy. This involves administering medication into the bloodstream via an intravenous cannula.

Other medication may also be administered, such as a physiological water solution for fluid replacement, circulatory agents, painkillers and/or antibiotics. Individual differences in sensitivity can lead to a transition from light relaxation to deep sleep. Analgosedation may be accompanied by a drop in blood pressure or respiratory disorders and may require the administration of oxygen, medication and fluids.

If sedation unintentionally turns into anesthesia with complete unconsciousness, this can lead to life-threatening respiratory arrest and cardiovascular arrest. Artificial respiration and other intensive care treatment measures are then required.

Personal advice

We take time for you and offer you customized advice and treatment for your individual result.

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