Before and after pictures in cosmetic surgery

Before and after pictures
Before and after pictures

According to Section 1, Paragraph 1, No. 2 of the Therapeutic Products Advertising Act, the comparative pictorial representation of the success of treatment by means of before/after photographs may not be published on the Internet.

Nevertheless, before/after images can be used to inform patients. We will therefore be happy to show you before/after images as part of a personal consultation and, of course, in compliance with data protection regulations, in order to show you the possibilities and limitations of cosmetic surgery.

Computer simulations often arouse unrealistic expectations, since some patients might think (even if only unconsciously) that the result of the operation corresponds exactly to the result of the simulation.

Information about before and after pictures at CenterPlast

Understandably, you are interested in before and after pictures, as they can serve to illustrate the possible outcome of the treatment envisaged in your case. However, the Therapeutic Products Advertising Act prohibits the publication of such photos on the website. However, you will have the opportunity to view images in a personal consultation. These are exclusively photos taken by us for which our patients have given their express written permission. Photos are in no way identifiable by name and we place a very high value on privacy.

Furthermore, objectivity and thus realistic comparability are our top priority. With the help of high-quality photographic equipment, photographs are always taken with identical settings (aperture, exposure time, ISO, focal lengths, high-resolution RAW format). The photos are always taken in the same perspective, posture and camera setting. This ensures that the cut-out and the lighting conditions remain the same.

Furthermore, we have set additional quality criteria: Shots are taken without jewelry and makeup and the background is monochromatic and free of distracting objects. During the individual consultation you have the possibility to view selected before and after pictures. The images you view during the preparatory meeting are selected by us on the basis of certain points. We consider comparable conditions to be absolutely necessary. Only before and after pictures of an analogous initial situation and a treatment result according to your wishes will be considered, so that you have a realistic perception of the possible result.

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