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CenterPlast’s range of services focuses on aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery as well as hand surgery and reconstructive surgery. One of CenterPlast’s special assets is the top-notch training of its physicians and its commitment to research on topics such as nasal surgery and the treatment of diseases of the hand, among others. A well-founded microsurgical training and experience sharpens the sense for the anatomy of the human being, requires precision and sure instinct and thus enables a particularly gentle operation.

With CenterPlast you are at the right address with your request from the first step. The consultation includes not only the exact clarification of your wishes, but also the careful clarification of the conditions under which the treatment can be carried out as safely as possible. This will guide the recommendations and, where appropriate, alternative proposals. You will be informed in detail about the course of the planned treatment as well as about the advantages and risks of individual procedures and about optimal aftercare.

Patient waiting in Saarbrücken

At CenterPlast you will be welcomed by a fresh, natural ambience where you can leave the hectic pace of everyday life behind you. In this atmosphere, relaxed, detailed consultations are possible, and the calming atmosphere also has a beneficial effect in connection with the outpatient procedures.

The joint practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery has a 120m2 operating theatre equipped according to modern standards. Smaller surgical procedures that can be performed on an outpatient basis can be performed here. We perform major operations in surrounding hospitals.

For after-care or non-operative treatment procedures, further rooms are available which are medically well equipped and give the patient the comforting feeling of being in good hands here.

Our OP in Saarbrücken

The spacious 380m2 practice on the 5th floor is easily accessible by elevator. The treatment rooms are barrier-free. This is not only of interest to patients with limited mobility, the resulting ambience is generally inviting and conveys the feeling of being welcome.

Well accessible location

CenterPlast’s practice is conveniently located near the historic old town of Saarbrücken, not far from the train station. A journey by train and public transport is comfortably possible. Those travelling from further afield can also reach Saarbrücken by plane. For car drivers there are sufficient parking spaces in the surrounding area. You can find more detailed information on how to get there here.

The barrier-free, spacious 380 m2 practice on the 5th floor in the building on the corner of Bahnhofstraße and Dudweilerstraße is easily accessible by elevator. So you can also use our services if you are no longer as mobile after an accident or due to illness.

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