Circles under the eyes – formation and treatment

In youth, the transition from the lower eyelid to the cheek (in English “lid cheek junction”) is harmonious. In semi-profile, the contours of the cheeks are S-shaped. Eye circles develop in the border area between two different fat pads: the fat pad behind the eye ring muscle (in English: “suborbicularis oculi fat”: SOOF) and the fat pad of the eye socket (corpus adiposum orbitae, in English: “orbital fat”).

How do dark circles appear?

Between these fat pads lies a ligament that connects the skin to the lower edge of the orbit (ligamentum orbitomalare, in English “orbicularis retaining ligament” or “orbitomalar ligament”). The superficial fat pads of the face shift downward with age following gravity. A slight retraction occurs in the area of the ligamentum orbitomalare, which is called an eye ring. Eye circles are corrected by an arcus marginalis release.

Treatment options:

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