O-incision technique / periareolar tightening

The O-incision technique, also known as a periareolar lift, is a scar-saving surgical technique for correcting sagging breasts. The technique was first described in 1976 (Bartels R.J. et al, 1976. Plast. Reconstr. Surg.).

Many variations have been described by the following surgeons, among others: Erol, Spear, Goes, Benelli, Puckett, Gruber and Benelli. The technique involves removing the excess skin around the areola (deepithelialization). The breast skin (outer circle) is then sutured to the darker skin of the areola (inner circle). The suture temporarily leads to the formation of folds in the area of the breast skin.

Areas of application

The technique is suitable for correcting slight sagging breasts. The technique can also be combined with breast augmentation. For a lasting result, the breast tissue should also be tightened. To prevent distortion of the areola and widening of the scars, the suture around the areola must be made with non-absorbable (non-dissolvable) sutures. As no glandular tissue is usually removed with this technique, the sensation of the nipple and the ability to breastfeed are retained.


Synonyms: periareolar tightening, circular tightening, O-technique, incision around the areola, Benelli method

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