What does a consultation cost?

  • A consultation with examination and preparation of a treatment plan for non-invasive treatments (muscle relaxants, fillers, fat-away injection and therapy with processed autologous blood) costs 59 €.
  • A consultation with examination and preparation of a treatment plan for surgical procedures costs € 89.
  • The consultation relates to one area of the body and the specific treatment suggestion associated with it. For consultations on the treatment of two body regions (e.g. breast and abdomen) we charge 169 €.

Cash payment is requested on the day of the consultation. Of course, you will be given a payment receipt.

The fee calculation according to §2 GOÄ includes the following remuneration components:

  • anamnesis interview
  • a full investigation
  • the preparation of a treatment plan
  • a detailed consultation and
  • the reimbursement of expenses
  • and value added tax

Free consultation

A consultation about aesthetic treatments is a medically reasonable health service (SINGeL service). It is against professional law and violates the collegiality requirement (§ 29 Berufsordnung) for a physician to offer SINGeL services free of charge. According to Heilmittelwerbegesetz § 7 para. 1, it is not permissible to offer gratuities and other free services. The Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ) is the basis for the calculation of health services. The rates according to the GOÄ may not be undercut in an unfair manner (§ 12 GOÄ Para. 1). The initial consultation fee is independent of any subsequent surgical decision and only takes into account the costs of the initial consultation.

Price calculator

A price calculator, developed by medical specialists, provides you with a non-binding personal offer with just a few clicks. All you need to do is state your treatment wishes and a few basic details about the scope of treatment. We ask for your understanding that an exact planning of the scope of treatment and the method of treatment, taking into account possible previous illnesses and/or pre-treatments, requires an on-site examination. In certain cases, therefore, the price quoted after a personal examination may differ from the price of the price calculator. The prices given here are therefore indicative.

The prices refer to the operative service, constant availability after the operation and long-term aftercare by experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. All prices are net prices. Not included are laboratory costs, accommodation costs, as well as the cost of follow-up insurance and the cost of compression garments, if required.

The price calculator serves to get an idea of the price range of the most common treatments. If you would like further information or have any questions about treatments not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to the contact form and telephone availability, we also offer a video consultation.


Why can costs differ from one patient to another?

We encourage all our patients to get a second opinion so that they can decide on a doctor based on their inner conviction. It is quite normal that you will receive different offers. Compare the type and scope of services. Look carefully to avoid negative surprises and double costs due to a wrong intervention.

A flat rate/fixed price/fixed price is not only frivolous, but also violates the competition law § 3a and § 5 paragraph 1 No. 2 Law against Unfair Competition (UWG) and § 5 paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the Scale of Fees for Physicians (GOÄ) (LG Düsseldorf, 38 O 6/12 U). Our price calculations are appropriate to the difficulty and time required for the individual services. We offer you fair and market prices

Why are two operations at separate times more expensive than combining two operations at the same time?

Every treatment requires a prompt conscientious examination, documentation, treatment planning and of course your consent. Therefore, if two operations are performed independently of each other in time, all precautions must be repeated. The numerous preparations on the day of the operation must of course also be carried out again for your safety in the case of two separate operations. Thus, every operation also requires medical aftercare and observation of the healing process. To understand the example of a tummy tuck with liposuction (A) taken. The cost of liposuction (B) and later abdominoplasty (C) are therefore higher than the cost of an abdominoplasty with liposuction. (A). For these reasons, the following calculations do not reflect the actual costs: A = B + C or B = A – C.

How can I compare the prices of cosmetic surgery?

We encourage all our patients to seek a second opinion so that they can choose a doctor with inner conviction. It is quite normal that you will get different offers. Compare the type and scope of the service. Look carefully to avoid negative surprises and double costs due to an error.

Cheap is not always good. The quality of the service is much more difficult to compare than the price. Inquire about the surgeon’s training and experience. An overview of further quality features is available for you on our quality page . The cost of treatment is relevant to the decision, but trust in the doctor should ultimately be the deciding factor.

Cosmetic surgery abroad to save costs?

Many a person has brought back a supposed bargain from their holiday that turned out to be a flop. If it was just a souvenir, the trouble will soon be forgotten. When it comes to one’s health and appearance, the consequences may well be more far-reaching. Many providers of cosmetic surgery aggressively advertise for German patients in seemingly luxuriously furnished private clinics. Before and after pictures are presented like in an online catalogue, without explaining the risks of an operation. On the other hand, information on training standards, hygiene standards, staff qualifications and experience, and the quality and maintenance of medical equipment is sparse, if it is provided at all. On the spot, many surprises. The education is provided by semi-skilled assistants who have never performed the procedure themselves. After the operation, the surgeon is difficult or impossible to reach. Language barriers, hidden costs, lack of follow-up care are other risks patients face abroad.

When are the costs of an operation covered by the health insurance?

Health insurance companies pay the costs of medically necessary treatments for illnesses. Under this condition, the treatment must not exceed what is medically absolutely necessary. The operations that are paid for by the health insurance are therefore reconstructive operations in which justified aesthetic claims are not in the foreground. You can find out more on our page Obligation to pay health insurance benefits.

Payment method

For amounts up to 250 € we ask for cash payment. Amounts over 250 € can also be paid by EC card or PayPal.


During a consultation, we schedule 30 to 60 minutes of time for you. We make every effort to offer all patients a prompt appointment. This is only possible because our patients show up on time for their appointments or cancel in good time if things don’t work out. Cancellation of an appointment is free of charge if it is made at least 48 hours before the agreed appointment. Cancellation can easily be done via the contact form or by phone. Since we are an appointment-only practice, it is customary and legally compliant to bill you for any no-shows or cancellations at too short notice. The cancellation fee is waived upon presentation of a medical certificate, a certificate from the authorities or a confirmation from your employer that you were unable to attend the appointment. Please note that an appropriate certificate must be received within 14 days.

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