The following prices are intended as a guide only. It is not possible to quote an exact price without an examination, as the scope of treatment, the method of treatment, any pre-existing conditions and/or pre-treatments cannot be taken into account.

The prices refer to the operative performance, the permanent availability after the operation and the long-term aftercare by experienced specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery. All prices, except consulting fees, are net prices.

Not included are laboratory costs, anaesthesia costs, accommodation costs, as well as the costs of follow-up insurance and the costs of compression linen if necessary.

The table contains only an excerpt of our services in order to maintain an overview. If you would like further information or if you have any questions about treatments not listed here, please call us or use our contact form.

How can I compare the prices of cosmetic surgery?

We encourage all our patients to get a second opinion so that they can decide on a doctor based on their inner conviction. It is quite normal that you will receive different offers. Compare the type and scope of services. Look carefully to avoid negative surprises and double costs due to a wrong intervention.

Cheap is not always good. The quality of the service is much more difficult to compare than the price. Ask about the training and experience of the surgeon. We have an overview of other quality features on our quality page. The cost of treatment is relevant to the decision, but trust in the surgeon should ultimately be the deciding factor.

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