Hybrid breast augmentation for a more feminine and aesthetic look

Hybrid breast augmentation helps to achieve a more feminine and aesthetic appearance. In addition to the natural result, the disadvantages of a breast implant can be reduced by the complementary treatment with autologous fat. For patients with small breasts who want to achieve an immediate result, this new procedure is the method of first choice.

What is hybrid breast augmentation?

Hybrid breast augmentation, also called composite breast augmentation, is the aesthetic surgical combination of conventional breast augmentation using implants and the grafting of autologous fat (lipofilling).

Hybrid breast augmentation facts

OP duration 4h
Anesthesia General anesthesia / Twilight sleep / Fast recovery surgery
Clinic stay Outpatient
Costs To the price calculator
Aftercare 6 weeks
Thread traction Self dissolving threads
Socially acceptable after 5 days
Supplements or alternatives Breast augmentation with implants / lipo axial fat / breast augmentation with autologous fat

10 advantages of hybrid breast augmentation.

  1. With the body’s own tissue, the contours of the décolleté can be adjusted harmoniously and naturally. Thus, round and softer implants can also be used. Anatomical (teardrop-shaped) implants are slightly firmer than round implants so that they maintain their shape. Hybrid breast augmentation has the advantage of giving you a natural shape and firmness.
  2. Implants are ready-made. Therefore, there is no such thing as an ideal fit that is individualized for each patient. However, by using the patient’s own fat tissue, the contours can be individually corrected.
  3. Implants with a roughened (textured) surface in particular have been associated with the development of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Since hybrid breast augmentation can eliminate the need for anatomical implants, the risk of developing BIA-ALCL is much lower.
  4. By using the patient’s own tissue, the implant is better covered and the risk of wrinkling (so-called rippling phenomenon) is reduced. Therefore, the implant does not need to be placed under the muscle to avoid wrinkling. Placement of implants under the pectoral muscle is associated with a more painful and lengthy recovery period after surgery.
  5. Implant displacement is more common when breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle. However, with hybrid breast augmentation, the implant can be placed above the pectoral muscle. The risk of displacement in this method of breast augmentation much lower.
  6. Autogenous fat treatment provides additional augmentation so that a smaller size implant can be used.
  7. By using softer and smaller implants in combination with autogenous fat treatment, the breast maintains a natural shape, both lying down and standing up.
  8. The transplanted autologous fat tissue also contains numerous stem cells. Therefore, the autologous fat treatment leads to an improvement of the skin tone.
  9. The décolleté and the hollow located between the breasts can be emphasized with hybrid breast augmentation.
  10. Round implants are cheaper with all manufacturers of breast implants.
Verplfanztes Eigenfett – Für ein schönes Dekolleté und eine natürliche Form kann die Eigenfettbehandlung mit einer Brustvergrößerung mit Implantaten kombiniert werden.

How is hybrid breast augmentation performed?

How is a hybrid breast augmentation performed?

Before the procedure, the plastic surgery specialist meticulously checks several times with the help of a checklist to ensure the highest level of patient safety. Only when all prerequisites are fulfilled, the OP process begins.

At the beginning, the breasts are marked with a special pen in a standing position. If the operation is performed under twilight sleep, you will be given medication to relieve your anxiety and reduce your sensitivity to pain. If you are not already fast asleep, you may hear touches on the surface of your body.

If the patient already has implants, they are removed in the first step of the surgical procedure. For this purpose, the respective implant is carefully removed with the surrounding capsule via a small skin incision in the area of the underbust fold. The pectoral muscle is then reattached to the sternum. Towards the midline, the scar tissue is tightly closed. The pocket into which the new implants are inserted is formed above the large pectoral muscle. With the Keller-Funnel method, the new breast implants are now inserted gently and precisely. This method is also known as the “no-touch” technique. This prevents the implant from coming into contact with the skin or the surgeon’s hands. Depending on the findings, it may be necessary to insert drainage tubes into the wound. However, these can be removed again after a short period of time. The wound is sutured shut with fine threads, which dissolve themselves after about three weeks.

If necessary, an additional treatment with autologous fat can be performed for an optimal result of the breast augmentation. When both procedures are combined, the following advantages result: an accentuation of the décolleté, a prevention of wrinkling of the implant and an improvement of the skin quality and thus a more aesthetic appearance of the entire breast. In the operating room, you will be placed in a sitting position (while you are still asleep) before the breast augmentation surgery is completed in order to check that the shape of your breasts, both sitting and lying down, meets the highest standards. Finally, a bandage and a special support bra are applied to the patient.

The duration of the operation is approximately 180 minutes. Immediately after the breast augmentation you will be continuously monitored in a so-called recovery room. After fully awakening, you can drink something and, if you feel well, eat something. Several check-up appointments are made before leaving the practice. The aftercare measures will be discussed with you in detail and you will receive a comprehensive written report. You will be given a 24hr emergency phone number of the surgeon or surgeon.

If the breast augmentation is not performed in twilight sleep, you as a patient have the opportunity to watch movies and your favorite shows before as well as after and during the surgery thanks to virtual reality glasses. In addition to entertainment, this has another proven effect: the distraction leads to reduced sensitivity to pain.

Preparation for hybrid breast augmentation

The aftercare measures explained by the surgeon should definitely be taken into account after a hybrid breast augmentation. Visit our Breast Surgery FAQ page to find out what you need to know before undergoing breast surgery and exactly what aftercare measures are necessary.

Which individuals are best suited for hybrid breast augmentation?

Hybrid breast augmentation is the ideal procedure for patients interested in an increase of at least two cup sizes. Approximately 300 to 400 ml of adipose tissue is required to obtain sufficient adipose tissue cells. This amount of fat tissue cells can usually be obtained from the abdomen, outer or inner thighs, buttocks or inner knees of slender women.

What can you expect during a consultation for hybrid breast augmentation?

Visit our main female breast page to learn what to expect during a breast surgery consultation.

What are the particular risks of hybrid breast augmentation?

Treatment is associated with opportunities but also with risks. When using breast implants, there is always a risk of capsular contracture (capsular fibrosis). Although today’s implants are well tolerated, a certain immunological reaction will inevitably occur after several years or decades. During the healing process, side differences may occur with respect to breast size and shape, but also the position and size of the scars. In general, breast implants carry the risk of wrinkling, displacement, rupture or the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). However, these risks are lower when using smooth implants in a smaller design as part of hybrid breast augmentation than when using traditional breast augmentation with anatomical textured implants without autologous tissue. Contour irregularities may occur during liposuction or fat grafting. However, the risks are lower than with classic liposuction, for example to remove fat deposits on the hips. The transplanted fat tissue may die if the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the breast is insufficient. The risk that the fat tissue cells will not heal is increased in smokers, as are the general surgical risks (inflammation, thrombosis). Since implants attenuate X-rays, the assessment of breast tissue may be limited during mammography. Alternatively, the breast can be examined with ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging.

What does a hybrid breast augmentation in Saarbrücken cost?

In our price calculator you can determine the costs of a hybrid breast augmentation. Try it now and find out the price in just a few clicks.

Before and after pictures of a hybrid breast enlargement

Before and after pictures of a breast augmentation with autologous fat and implants may not be published on the Internet for legal reasons. However, as part of the patient education process, such before-and-after photographs may be viewed for which the previously treated patients have given their consent. be used. Learn more about the topic on our before and after pictures page.

Why a hybrid breast augmentation in Saarbrücken?

To find out why the specialists at CenterPlast are an excellent choice for your hybrid breast augmentation in Saarbrücken, please visit our Breast Surgery FAQ page.

Testimonials of a hybrid breast augmentation at CenterPlast Saarbrücken.

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, patients want to be sure that they are in good hands. Therefore, they search the Internet for testimonials, patient testimonials and reviews of selected doctors. Our Testimonials page brings together reviews from many patients who have had breast surgery at CenterPlast.

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