Anisomastia: the encyclopedia about the beauty

Anisomastia is the technical term for uneven breasts. The word is derived from the Greek words “anisos” (unequal) and “mastos” (breast). Asymmetries of the breasts can have several causes:

  • the shape of the breast (in 54-59 percent of cases),
  • the size of the breast (in 41-47 percent of cases),
  • Asymmetry of the chest wall or spine (in 10-12 percent of cases) (Source: Cruz NI. 2018. P R Health Sci J.).

The position of the nipple and the underbust crease are also often different. Large differences can be very bothersome for some women and affect quality of life. Symmetry can be restored by breast augmentation (with autologous fat or implants), breast lift or breast reduction.

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